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The evil heart of Donald Trump speaks

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” ~ Jesus Christ (Luke 6.45) … Continue reading

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Young, pretty, white women having fun shouldn’t be shamed!

Young, pretty white women having fun shouldn’t be shamed! I’m sure getting tired — sick and tired — of political correctness. Now some young sorority women at the University of Alabama are being shamed for having created a video portraying … Continue reading

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Abortionist loses license due to filthy and dangerous conditions

Abortionist loses license due to filthy and dangerous conditions “MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Nearly two years after police found filthy and dangerous conditions at his abortion clinic, Dr. Robert Alexander is facing the possibility of losing his medical license. That … Continue reading

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#Gamergate reveals gamer culture as anti-woman and hyper-violent

#Gamergate has recently revealed the gamer culture as anti-woman and hyper-violent. What a sad state of affairs! I have the utmost respect for Anita Sarkeesian — a smart, brave, and beautiful woman — who has been critical of the gaming … Continue reading

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Child Murders & Exorcisms in Germantown, MD

Child murders and exorcisms in Germantown, Maryland…. Continue reading

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Sex, Sinners, and Stigmas – Toward the Creation of a Culture of Life

Our culture should applauded women for becoming pregnant, and celebrate the new life they carry, no matter what the circumstance surrounding how they became pregnant. We should offer them any and all assistance they need to raise their children or give their children to someone else to raise.

Our historically and predominantly Protestant puritanical attitude created, long ago, an “I’m not married and I’m pregnant; therefore I’m now a social outcast and a sinner” cultural mentality, which is horrible, and is the exact opposite of the sort of mentality a culture that embraces life should have.

Imagine a culture wherein a young, unmarried woman becomes pregnant, due to having had sex with her boyfriend, and, when she discovers she is pregnant, she doesn’t say “Oh shit, my parents will kill me” but says instead “Wow, my parents will be so happy for me!”

This may seem impossible, but it’s not impossible when we get out priorities straight: sex outside of marriage is a sin, according to Christian teaching, tradition, and the Church, but it’s nowhere near as great a sin as is the sin of abortion on demand… Continue reading

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Dorothy Day – Catholic Worker

“Dorothy Day [had a] profound commitment to the riches of Catholicism led by a hierarchical, authoritative Church, not by arbitrary “free spirits.” This is often missed by those who write about Day, as if she was merely a rebel whose political anarchism (which developed into a deep Christian personalism) translated into an anti-episcopal attitude. They don’t understand that Day’s life makes no sense unless you first understand she centered it around Christ and His Church. Belief in the reality of the supernatural, the reliability of the Scriptures, the power of the sacraments, the efficacy of prayer, the binding truth of the magisterium as communicated by the pope and bishops in union with him–these are the things that motivated Day to act on behalf of the poor and for peace, not worldly ideology. Continue reading

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