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Violent video games a factor in Florida school shooting

“It was kill, kill, kill, blow up something, and kill some more, all day” “A neighbor of accused shooter Nikolas Cruz tells the Miami Herald that Cruz ‘escaped his misery’ by playing video games for as much as 15 hours … Continue reading

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Presidential “debates”

“For the message of television as metaphor is not only that all the world is a stage but that the stage is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.” ~ Neil Postman Trump is a professional television producer and actor. The debates … Continue reading

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The role of images in creating cosplayers

The role of images in creating cosplayers “Because of the images that draw him into the story, he is liberated from the restraint usually placed on some of his instincts. He projects his personal desires onto the world, because these desires … Continue reading

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Dystopian Futures — Elysium & The Cloud Minders

The 2013 film Elysium presents us with a dystopian future, a future wherein the elites live in space station “paradise” (Elysium) orbiting the earth while the rest of us eek out a living in squalor upon (what’s left of) earth. Watching the film reminded me of a 1968 episode of Star Trek titled: The Cloud Minders, wherein the elites of a certain planet live in a city built in the clouds (Stratos) whilst everyone else works in the mines on the planet below… Continue reading

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Neil Postman, Technopoly, and Amusing Ourselves to Death

“The Technopoly story is without a moral center. It puts in its place efficiency, interest, and economic advance. It promises heaven on earth through the conveniences of technological progress. It casts aside all traditional narratives and symbols that suggest stability and orderliness, and tells, instead, of a life of skills, technical expertise, and the ecstasy of consumption.” ~ Neil Postman, “Technopoly” Continue reading

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