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Sex, Sinners, and Stigmas – Toward the Creation of a Culture of Life

Our culture should applauded women for becoming pregnant, and celebrate the new life they carry, no matter what the circumstance surrounding how they became pregnant. We should offer them any and all assistance they need to raise their children or give their children to someone else to raise.

Our historically and predominantly Protestant puritanical attitude created, long ago, an “I’m not married and I’m pregnant; therefore I’m now a social outcast and a sinner” cultural mentality, which is horrible, and is the exact opposite of the sort of mentality a culture that embraces life should have.

Imagine a culture wherein a young, unmarried woman becomes pregnant, due to having had sex with her boyfriend, and, when she discovers she is pregnant, she doesn’t say “Oh shit, my parents will kill me” but says instead “Wow, my parents will be so happy for me!”

This may seem impossible, but it’s not impossible when we get out priorities straight: sex outside of marriage is a sin, according to Christian teaching, tradition, and the Church, but it’s nowhere near as great a sin as is the sin of abortion on demand… Continue reading

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Kids can’t make gun noises in schools but the authorities can use guns while running full scale, realistic, and very scary active shooter drills in schools?

“WAVY-TV reports the 7-year-old boy was suspended for two days for a violation of the Suffolk school system’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. He was playing with another student in class Friday at Driver Elementary. He heeded a teacher’s order to stop.

“The boy’s father says he believes school officials overreacted in suspending his son.
Suffolk Public Schools spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw says a pencil is considered a weapon when it’s pointed at someone in a threatening way and gunlike noises are made…
Continue reading

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LEAP and MPJD Together at Bi-National Encounter in Mexico City

FBI – Marijuana: “Mexico is the number one foreign supplier of marijuana abused in the United States. In fact, according to a 2008 inter-agency report, marijuana is the top revenue generator for Mexican DTOs—a cash crop that finances corruption and the carnage of violence year after year. The profits derived from marijuana trafficking—an industry with minimal overhead costs, controlled entirely by the traffickers—are used not only to finance other drug enterprises by Mexico’s poly-drug cartels, but also to pay recurring “business” expenses, purchase weapons, and bribe corrupt officials. Though the GOM has a robust eradication program, many of the military personnel traditionally assigned to eradicate marijuana and opium poppy have recently been diverted to the offensive against the cartels.” (See: here) Continue reading

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“Normal fear protects us; abnormal fear paralyses us”

It’s not time for business and politics as usual, it’s time for real change. We live in drastic and dangerous times, under the boot of an evil, tyrannical “government”, and it’s time for the American People to think – and to act – outside the box of ordinary channels, which have all been tried and exhausted, without any results from our “government”… Continue reading

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Goodbye Chambersburg

These furious and rightfully frightened parents asked the PO to remove the post, which the PO refused to do, and then actually called CPD demanding the PO remove this DANGEROUS post, some of the comments on which were actually describing how to get into these schools, for fear of someone who might wish to harm their children, the descriptions giving such people the means by which to do so.

Well, I told Major and the PO via email I was coming to visit them… Continue reading

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