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Is Washington DC Archbishop Donald Wuerl a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

“Southwestern PA has the nation’s 18th largest Catholic population per capita, making the Catholic presence here as significant as it is in #17 Los Angeles, #12 New York, and #11 Boston. That was reason enough for Donald Wuerl to cover up the offenses of sexually abusive priests. But how could such a thing be done? Well, one must speculate that, for a cover-up to be undertaken and sustained, only unscrupulous elected officials and less-than-honest law enforcement officers – with perhaps ties to organized crime – would have to be in Donald Wuerl’s back pocket, if not in his pocketbook. Would such a thing even be possible? Imagine, street-smart thugs partnering with a frail, effeminate, and pint-sized creature such as Donald Wuerl, with one goal in mind – to protect dysfunctional sex freaks who used innocent children as sex toys. Let’s look at the facts…” Continue reading

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