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Online Censorship of “Fake News”

Since when is untrue stuff online such a big issue? I think these recent examples (see below) of “fake news” are being used to further the agenda of eventually cracking down on politically incorrect online articles. Who, after all, will … Continue reading

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Nafeez Ahmed on Google, CIA, NSA, DoD, and Mass Surveillance

Nafeez Ahmed on Google, CIA, NSA, DoD, and Mass Surveillance “INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to … Continue reading

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The World Perceived – Help the DC Catholic Workers help the poor

All my profit (100%) from the sales of both the trade paperback and ebook (Kindle/Google) versions of: The World Perceived go to the Catholic Worker House in Washington, DC in order to help the poor and to bring hope to disenfranchised American citizens living in the federal city (see: Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House, Washington, DC). Continue reading

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Google and Amazon: An Author’s Business Partners in the New Digital Age

According to Wikipedia, “Google runs over one million servers in data centers around the world, and processes over one billion search requests and about twenty-four petabytes of user-generated data every day’” while Amazon is “America’s largest online retailer”. The publishing … Continue reading

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