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Sandy Hoax – Mark Glenn exposes himself as a fraud

“Sadly, Sandy Hook will one day be remembered as one of those unfortunate events in this ‘movement’ where a sizable number of individuals used not a scintilla of common sense and instead allowed their addiction to conspiracy theories to do their thinking for them. In the process, they made the entire movement look like a gaggle of fools and as a result, our credibility as pertains other issues such as 9/11 and the disproportionate amount of Jewish influence over the American political system will go unheard and unheeded. The ONLY good thing that can be said about the entire SH experience is that most of those who went wild with the various theories have come to their senses and have moved on.” ~ Mark Glenn Continue reading

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Anti-Christ? Anti-Semitic?

“Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist [Gk: ἀντίχριστος], he who denies the Father and the Son.” ~ 1 John 2:22 Continue reading

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What’s up with shoah.org.uk and The Ugly Truth Radio Network?

Why does TUT producer Mark Glenn SUPPORT AND DEFEND these sorry fucks? Why does he, directly link to shoah.org.uk from the TUT website? Why does he have a Communist hosting a program on his TUT network? Continue reading

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Smearing and inflated egos at it again… God save the free Palestine movement

I am being referred to in comments on the “popular” post, which is very little else but a character assassination based on the personal feud someone has with the subject, I have seen probably the worst displays by “activists” available, even vying with some of the most absurd smear posts on Facebook, attempting to create a sort of mobbing and consensus as to the character of a person who shares one thing in common with me, and that is that she does not think Ken O’Keefe is such hot shit as he claims, but who actually has a big difference with me in that she once actually supported him and then changed her mind, without any solicitation from me, but independently and of her own freewill (and this shared view regarding Ken O’Keefe creates in the minds of the Ken O’Keefe Fans the automatism that this person and I are affiliated.) Besides the point being that this entire thing is nonsensical, especially as Siraj Davis (the author of the piece) is a legend in his mind alone, having claimed that I was posting things to him, totally debunked and with MY screenshots to demonstrate it, the issue of Ken O’Keefe being the pillar of activism is entirely outdated and misleading. (At the bottom of this post, 4 screenshots concerning Siraj Davis, his unsolicited harassment of me and my response to it, as well as evidence of some bizarre stalking-like behaviour in my regards and his own uncontrollable addiction to pornography, which he also has used the Shoah org blog to promote these screenshots he himself made showing his “particular tastes in that regard).
Continue reading

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