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Coward Ken O’Keefe and his pathetic minions

BOLO – Zionist Troll A J MacDonald Jr Ahead! ROFLMFAO 😉 “Ok ladies and gentlemen, I officially have a second stalker. For some reason AJ MAcDonald (sic) believes that an official warning from me threatening legal action that he received, … Continue reading

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• Max Scheler, The Constitution of the Human Being (English translation by John Cutting), Marquette University Press
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• Pierre Rodrigo, L’intentionnalité créatrice Problème de phénoménologie et d’esthétique, Vrin
• Paul Marcus, Being for the Other: Emmanuel Levinas, Ethical Living and Psychoanalysis, Marquette University Press
• Juraj-D. Ledi!!!, Heideggers »Sach-Verhalt« und Sachverhalte an sich. Studien zur Grundlegung einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit Heideggers Seinsbegriff, Ontos Verlag
• Jean Vioulac, L’époque de la technique. Marx, Heidegger et l’accomplissement de la métaphysique, PUF
• Werner Stegmaier, Emmanuel Levinas zur Einführung, Junius
• A. J. MacDonald Jr., The World Perceived: A Theological And Phenomenological Approach To Thinking About, Perceiving, And Living In-The-World, CreateSpace Continue reading

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