A New Year: 2016

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So, it’s a new year! :D

I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, per se, but I have told myself: This year I will be more positive than negative, regarding my blog — and social media — posts.

I don’t post negative stuff on purpose. It’s just that there happens to be a lot of negative stuff I see in the news, and, sometime, I post about it.

No more!

I’m committed to posting positive news is 2016! :D

Positive, as far as it goes….

News is rarely positive… it’s usually negative… and, if the news has the potential of becoming positive, I will post it.

If it’s the usual nonsense and foolishness, which we see in the media on a daily basis, I will not post about it.

What can we do to make our society safer? That I will post about!

Such as…

Truck slams into Johnson City liquor store on New Year’s Eve

Why more people aren’t concerned with vehicle into building crashes, I don’t know.

As of now, there seems to be only three of us who are concerned.

 Storefront Safety – http://www.storefrontsafety.org/ @reiter_rob #storefrontcrash 

Anyways… I’ve managed, I believe, to have the Starbucks in Chambersburg, where I live, surrounded with metal bollard posts, which can save lives. And that’s what matters most, to me: saving lives. :D

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Black men killing babies and little kids

2 killers copy

1 year-old Maleah Williams and 2 of the 3 men arrested for killing her on Christmas Day

Black men killing babies and little kids

These crimes are recent. Only one has received national attention. I will add to this list by posting new articles and videos in the comments section below. RIP kids.

5 month old girl shot and killed by black man:

1 year old girl (who later died) shot by black man:

6 year old white boy murdered by black man:

7 year old boy shot and killed by black man:

9 year old boy shot and killed by black man:

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Black mob mall violence

mob copy

Black mob mall violence

I guess I’m out-of-the-loop regarding such matters, but, apparently, black “teens” have an annual tradition of flash mobbing malls on the day after Christmas. My news feed erupted last night with the news of black mob mall violence, which was occurring across the nation…

black  copy

Officer Hit By Rock During Altercation With Teens Near Towson Mall http://cbsloc.al/1OsSlWU

black mall violence copy

Louisville Police: 1,000 to 2,000 ‘unruly youths’ shut down mall early http://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Louisville-Police-1000-to-2000-unruly-youths-shut-down-mall-early-363570661.html

As many as 2,000 youths involved in disturbances at Mall St. Matthew – http://www.wave3.com/story/30833725/mall-st-matthews-closing-early-due-to-disturbance

wtvr black mob mall copy

Police: Multiple fights break out at Patrick Henry Mall https://youtu.be/81DuHHJZHyQ

mall copy

200 people crowded around off-duty deputies escorting girls from the mall who had been fighting http://katv.com/news/local/police-investigating-large-fight-at-park-plaza-mall

Fight at Park Plaza Mall scares shoppers http://on.kthv.com/1OsRy8z

Deadly shooting at Eastland Center Mall https://youtu.be/-ID5Qzf3HCE

cartel copy

Rapper Donkey Cartel killed in officer-involved shooting at Charlotte mall Christmas Eve http://abcnews4.com/news/crime-news/rapper-donkey-cartel-killed-in-officer-involved-shooting-at-charlotte-mall-christmas-eve

Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country

“Holidays are a special time for practitioners and deniers of black mob violence. The Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and of course New Year’s are among the most popular.

“But not Christmas. Not usually. Not until this year: Black mob violence and resentment erupted across the country during the 72 hours before, during and after Christmas. And not the “carry signs and send out a press release” kind of political violence…”

Continue reading: Black Mob Violence at Christmas, All Over the Country http://tinyurl.com/mgjsjjb

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Living in a universe of violent artificial images


Living in a universe of violent artificial images

“Images of extreme violence produce either exact reproduction (which is short-lived) or else overall behavior of generalized brutality accompanied by impoverished language.) We must certainly beware of the fact that these images have a major influence precisely when an individual lives in an unreal world whose only reality is fictitious and simulated by images.

“Ruthless behavior seen in images is not related to real life but becomes normal for the person who lives in the universe of artificial images. Such behavior seems normal because images are norms in a world without meaning. The influence of the image does not act on the person himself, who then acts; that is, images of violence alone do not provoke violence. But images of violence within a world of images (where all that exists is a shadow on a screen) can lead to violent behavior.

“When a person hits someone, this ‘someone’ has no more existence than the actor so often seen. The movement of the arm itself as it strikes is only an image, and violent scenes are just a spectacle a person acts out as he watches himself. Everything is a spectacle: ghosts made of shadows, flickering lights, and scenarios worked out ahead of time. The person who is going to be hit has no reality; he represents nothing. It makes absolutely no difference whether you help a blind person to cross the street or attack him. The person striking another has become uncertain of his victim’s existence. He feels like an actor in the middle of images with neither weight nor meaning. Hitting or killing give some meaning to this moment. He looks for a crisis in order to avoid this absence of being, since he too is reduced to the level of an image. Any crisis will do: drugs, orgasm, or violence. These are the only moments when the person absent from himself (because he has taken in too many artificial images) has a vague feeling of existence and self-realization.”

Jaques Ellul (The Humiliation of the Word; Grand Rapids:Eerdmans (1985) p. 147)

The Humiliation of the Word by Jacques Ellul (.html) http://www.religion-online.org/showbook.asp?title=499

The Humiliation of the Word by Jacques Ellul (.pdf) http://media.sabda.org/alkitab-2/Religion-Online.org%20Books/Ellul,%20Jacques%20-%20The%20Humiliation%20of%20the%20Word.pdf


Director Rob Zombie has announced that his upcoming horror film 31 has been given the dreaded NC-17 rating not once but twice by the MPAA… http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3374302/rob-zombies-31-lands-nc-17-rating/

Iowa State researchers say there is a strong connection between violent video games, youth violence, and delinquency…

Violent video games are a risk factor for criminal behavior and aggression: http://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2013/03/26/violentvideogames

Violent Video Games, Delinquency, and Youth Violence: New Evidence: http://www.soc.iastate.edu/staff/delisi/10%201177_1541204012460874.pdf

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The Wreaths Across America Scam


The Wreaths Across America Scam

My newsfeed was filled with articles about Wreaths Across America today, and I wondered why.

I commented on a few of the articles, which were posted by various local news channels around the nation, saying: “We already have a day we, as a nation, decorate the graves of veterans: Memorial Day. Plus, we also honor veterans on Veterans Day. We don’t need another day.”

You can probably imagine the firestorm of criticism I got for that sort of comment.

Anyway, it really bothered me that the media was making this day out to be some sort of official (new) day America decorates veteran’s graves.

nat wreath copy

For one thing, we just had Veteran’s Day a month ago. For another thing — and more importantly — we already have a national day of veteran grave decoration: Memorial Day.

Another national decoration day is superfluous. Worse yet, this particular December decoration day turns people’s thoughts away from Jesus and peace, and directs their thoughts instead toward Satan and war.

After responding to a few comments, I decided to look into this Wreaths Across America thing and — lo and behold — I discovered it’s a scam.

The non-profit organization Wreaths Across America was started by a for-profit company that makes and sells wreaths, and 74 percent of every dollar Wreaths Across America spent went to this same for-profit wreath making company. A for-profit family owned company that has family members on the board of Wreaths Across America.

Please read this well researched article, written by Stacy Johnson…

Should You Donate to Wreaths Across America? A Lesson in Charitable Giving

“On Dec. 12, about 900,000 sponsored wreaths will be placed on the graves of veterans by a nonprofit called Wreaths Across America. Every wreath was purchased from the for-profit wreath company that created both the nonprofit and the annual event…”

Continue reading: Should You Donate to Wreaths Across America? A Lesson in Charitable Giving http://www.moneytalksnews.com/should-you-donate-wreaths-across-america-lesson-charitable-giving/ via @moneytalksnews

Wreaths Across America – http://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/

Worcester Wreath – http://www.worcesterwreath.com/ 

I never watch television, so I don’t watch Fox News, but, according to Stacy Johnson’s article (above), Fox News has been hyping (and hawking) Wreaths Across America to its vulnerable patriotic viewers for quite some time…

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The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

52-year-old Gregg Kisic of Highspire. Kisic was fatally injured when his motorcycle was struck in Middletown by a speeding, drunken and unlicensed driver who was being chased by officers from Steelton and Highspire, PA

52 year old Gregg Kisic was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a speeding, drunken, unlicensed driver who was being chased by police officers from Steelton and Highspire, Pennsylvania.

The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

I’ve been against unnecessary police chases for quite some time.

However, it was the needless death of a mother of nine, near where I live, that persuaded me of the criminality of unnecessary police chases, wherein innocent people are injured and killed due to unnecessary police chases:

Innocent mother of nine dies in crash caused by police chasing someone — through town at 120 mph –who was ‘burning rubber’ in a Walmart parking lot – http://articles.herald-mail.com/2011-03-17/news/29140369_1_waynesboro-police-coroner-jeffrey-r-conner-police-cruiser

The police officer, in the case above, should be in prison!

Around here, where I live, the towns are very small. And police will chase people — at 120 mph — for burning rubber in the Walmart parking lot.

This is reckless, and criminal, in my opinion.

The police love to blame the people they’re chasing for these deaths and injuries but, according to the law of cause and effect, the police chases are the cause of these deaths and injuries.

Read the headlines of the articles. “Following police chase” and “After police chase” indicates the cause of the deaths.

No police chase, no deaths.

Cause = police chase; effect = deaths.

Pretty simple.

Police chases kill more people each year than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning – combined http://wpo.st/llzS0

2 Killed In I-95 Crash Following Police Chase – http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2015/12/11/2-killed-in-i-95-crash-following-police-chase/

Service set for teen killed in crash following police chase http://bdn.to/whgf

How about police officers getting the license tag numbers of speeders and mailing them a speeding ticket? Instead of chasing them and causing their deaths?

A police chase that ended in a violent crash and injured five people, including a 12-year-old girl, has Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay revising the department’s policy on pursuing drivers who flee. WPXI Pamela Osborne is reviewing the changes and will have more from the crash caught on camera — tonight on Channel 11 News… http://on.wpxi.com/1Xn6Lqp

Innocent driver hit and killed after police chase and crash https://youtu.be/OYzKsUtTgKw

Innocent man dies after suspect crashes into car https://youtu.be/Wbp7kzYQJSo

Two people die in a crash after being chased by police in Dickson… for a cigarette butt being thrown from the window – http://tnne.ws/1N9rm0l 

Police chase ends with death of innocent driver https://youtu.be/37p1XGHSEVY

Prichard Police Investigate Deadly Chase https://youtu.be/FkaqmHvvpGg

High-speed police chases have killed thousands of innocent bystanders http://usat.ly/1SklLZ7

The Case for Banning High-Speed Police Chases http://priceonomics.com/the-case-for-banning-high-speed-police-chases/

Police conduct was ‘extreme and outrageous’ in chase that ended in crash… https://youtu.be/BWUDH4avPuk

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Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party


Latest meme: Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party

I’ve been avoiding writing about Donald Trump, because I think it should be obvious to everyone he is on a mission to tar and feather the GOP as the party of xenophobia, racism, and hate.

I write about it today only because, by now, this should be obvious to anyone but the most committed Trump supporter, who is in a state of psychological denial and is engaged in wishful thinking.

Trump is providing fodder for the media, so that Hillary will win…

POLITICO: GOP CHAOS: House, Senate fear big losses if Trump tops ticket!

SIREN – “Republicans fear Trump could jeopardize control of Congress ,” by Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer: “With the Iowa caucuses just 55 days away, Republicans are beginning to see Trump as a dire threat to their majorities on Capitol Hill. … From vulnerable senators to top party officials, the fear is palpable and bursting into public view. Congressional Republicans face a tough 2016 landscape even without Trump. Senate Republicans are clinging to a four-seat majority as they defend 24 seats versus just 10 for Democrats. And House Republicans are expecting to lose roughly a dozen seats in 2016.

“Trump’s rhetoric, they fear, could cause those losses to grow substantially. … [T]he party is seemingly powerless to stop his stubborn lead in most polls. Many congressional Republicans have been hesitant to criticize him, cognizant of his appeal to the populist elements of the party. … [A]s long as he remains a force in the nomination fight, other Republicans are forced to respond to his rhetoric instead of spending time criticizing … Hillary Clinton.” http://politi.co/1SNMkC4

— “GOP struggles to escape Trump trap: Republicans condemn their poll leader but don’t lift pledge to support his nomination, should he win it,” by Politico’s Eli Stokols: “They can’t snatch away his campaign cash or limit his media exposure; they can’t keep him off ballots. The party brass can’t reason with Trump and can’t afford to alienate him to the point that he runs an independent. And they must swallow the reality that many self-identifying Republicans prefer Trump’s nativism and bombast to their more mainstream, inclusive style of conservatism.” http://politi.co/1SNrS4l

Three Reasons Why Donald Trump is Probably Working for Hillary Clinton – http://www.chicagonow.com/chicago-strange-haunted-history/2015/08/three-reasons-why-donald-trump-is-probably-working-for-hillary-clinton/ 

Is Donald Trump running a false flag campaign to help Hillary Clinton? – http://blackbag.gawker.com/is-donald-trump-running-a-false-flag-campaign-to-help-h-1723925057

Joe Biden predicts that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president, Hillary Clinton “wins in a walk.” http://www.mcall.com/news/nationworld/ct-joe-biden-donald-trump-comments-20151209-story.html


The 2016 Republican Field: Extreme Across the Board http://bit.ly/1QejgFP 

The 15 most offensive things that have come out of Trump’s mouth http://politi.co/1m9H0hY

Trump Has Strongest Jewish Ties of all GOP Candidates http://jd.fo/d8NYY 

“To begin with the obvious point: what Donald Trump is saying clearly is in line with the sentiments of a majority of GOP primary voters, so it is nonsense to declaim that it is not who the Republican party is…” Read more: Media Abets Trump’s Shock-Jock Statesmanship http://thebaffler.com/blog/shock-jock-trump-lehmann

Eyeing 13th Amendment, Obama Rebukes Trump https://youtu.be/tuHaltEVVus

“Donald Trump’s supporters turn out to be… 55 percent white working-class, many of them males from age 50 to 64, without college degrees…” Continue reading: Trump and the Joys of Hatred http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/195446/trump-and-the-joys-of-hatred


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