“Lord please stop blacks from killing blacks”


“Lord please stop blacks from killing blacks”


Birmingham pastor’s public prayer: ‘Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks’

“‘Our young black men are dying,’ [Rev.] Jordan said. ‘I think it gets too much attention when a white policeman kills a black male, but it gets no attention when it’s black on black murders.’…

“So far in 2016, in the city of Birmingham alone, there have been 36 homicides. Four of those have been ruled justifiable, and therefore are not deemed criminal. Of the 32 criminal slayings, 15 are confirmed black on black crime, according to police. Seventeen more victims were black, but authorities have not yet identified the killer or killers. There have been 24 black males killed, and eight black females.

“Birmingham ended 2015 with 92 homicides. Two of these were ruled accidental, and 10 more ruled justifiable. Of the criminal homicides, 42 were confirmed black on black crime. An additional 26 victims were also black, but authorities have not yet identified the killer or killers. Sixty two of those victims were black males, and nine were black females.

“‘We have a lot of issues as black pastors within the black community and one of them is black on black crime, male rage, and a lot of it has to do with our young black males,’ Jordan said. ‘The gangster rap hip-hop movement poisoned their minds with ‘get quick money…”’ Read more: Birmingham pastor’s public prayer: ‘Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks’ http://s.al.com/6J6pLfB

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US Funded ‘Alphabet of Jihad Literacy’ (App and Book)


US Funded ‘Alphabet of Jihad Literacy’ (App and Book)

US Funded/Published Textbooks Promoting Jihad Are Still Being Used by Taliban Today

“In the 1980s and early 1990s, the United States commissioned a series of textbooks that promoted violence in the form of jihad against the Soviet invaders.

“One notable example is “The Alphabet of Jihad Literacy”, a textbook funded by the US and published by the University of Nebraska at Omaha. From Al-Jazeera:

“The majority of the book’s 41 lessons glorify violence in the name of religion. ‘My uncle has a gun,’ reads the entry for the letter T, using the Pashto word for ‘gun,’ ‘topak.’ ‘He does jihad with the gun.’

“The entry for the letter K reads,

‘Kabul is the capital of our dear country. No one can invade our country. Only Muslim Afghans can rule over this country.’

‘Our religion is Islam. Muhammad is our leader. All the Russians and infidels are our enemy,’

“reads another section.

“With the help of the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) distributed “The Alphabet of Jihad Literacy” and other textbooks containing content written by Mujahideen groups to children at refugee camps in Pakistan during the decade-long Soviet war in Afghanistan.

“The revelations were made by New York University professor Dana Burde in her newly published book entitled “Schools for Conflict or for Peace in Afghanistan“. As part of her research, Burde spent more than a decade in Afghanistan and Pakistan, studying the education systems in the two countries…” Read more: US Funded/Published Textbooks Promoting Jihad Are Still Being Used by Taliban Today http://thehigherlearning.com/2014/12/08/us-fundedpublished-textbooks-promoting-jihad-are-still-being-used-by-taliban-today/

From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad

“In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.

The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books, though the radical movement scratched out human faces in keeping with its strict fundamentalist code…” Continue reading: From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad http://wpo.st/PscZ1

The Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S. government

“Printed both in Pashto and Dari, Afghanistan’s two major languages, books such as ‘The Alphabet for Jihad Literacy’ were produced under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for International Development by the University of Nebraska at Omaha and smuggled into Afghanistan through networks built by the CIA and Pakistan’s military intelligence agency, the ISI…” Read more: The Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S. government: http://wapo.st/1CZNkzg

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“We have a population that becomes pacified…”


“When a culture disdains literacy for the important functions of public discourse and replaces that with a medium that focuses on format and style — and therefore entertainment — then you begin to get… you have a situation comparable to what Huxley meant by the drug soma… that everyone is kept sort of pacified, amused, entertained. President Regan is entertaining… Dan Rather is entertaining… even the nightly news, for all of its gory stories, is entertaining, because the film footage is exciting. The religion on television is amusing. Commercials are very amusing and entertaining. So that, as we move into this imagistic culture of short duration dynamic and amusing images, we have a population that becomes pacified… that no longer is capable of the kind of sustained reflection and analytical thought that I think is usually characteristic of literate cultures where typography is vital to every day’s functioning.”  ~ Neil Postman (1985)

Neil Postman – PBS Currents (Literacy Lost) https://youtu.be/VWNHLKW7n5c

The Age of Trump? Worse, it’s the Age of Postman…

“Though Neil Postman published Amusing Ourselves to Death in 1985, its observations, like the biblical prophets of old, have never been more relevant and ominous in this Age of Trump.

“The premise of Postman’s book is this: electronic media is dumbing us down, transforming our dialogue into mere forms of entertainment, preventing us from not only speaking with each other on an adult level, but even thinking on an adult level, a phenomenon he observed particularly in politics, religion and education. The introduction makes his terrifyingly prophetic thesis plain…”

Continue reading: Donald Trump and Neil Postman’s Prescient ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’ https://stream.org/donald-trump-neil-postmans-prescient-amusing-death/

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GOP Disintegrating

gop voters

GOP Disintegrating

The GOP’s 24-hour meltdown http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/the-gops-24-hour-meltdown-222921

Goodbye, Republican Party. And Good Riddance. http://www.theblaze.com/contributions/goodbye-republican-party-and-good-riddance/

GOP Rejecters of Trump

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he will not vote at all in November http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Former-presidential-candidate-says-he-will-not-vote-at-all-in-November-378472341.html

Lindsey Graham won’t support Donald Trump, refuses to attend GOP convention – http://valleycentral.com/news/nation-world/lindsey-graham-wont-support-donald-trump-refuses-to-attend-gop-convention

House Speaker Paul Ryan Refuses to Back Donald Trump http://wkrg.com/2016/05/05/house-speaker-paul-ryan-refuses-to-back-donald-trump/

Bush 41, 43 Have No Plans to Endorse Trump https://trib.it/1UzVy8H 

GOP Supporters of Trump

Gov. Rick Perry will support Trump http://www.kcentv.com/story/31906377/rick-perry-will-support-trump

Gov. Mike Pence will support Trump https://youtu.be/XBKmJ2ZM5rc   

Dick Cheney supports Donald Trump http://cnn.it/1WeQjw8

David Duke supports Donald Trump https://youtu.be/eDNwsI5ESf4

Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump http://nyti.ms/1UDlzUK

Political Parties Come and Go

“In the 1850s when the nation became increasingly divided over slavery, a new Republican party formed, primarily to keep slavery quarantined off in the South, while Southern sentiment was for their right to move, with their way of life, into any new territory. Their methods of agriculture and their best cash crops tended to deplete the soil, so that Southerners were among the most aggressive Western expansionists.

The Republican Party, while it also attracted many anti-slavery Democrats, drew off so many Whigs that they effectively killed the Whig party. The Whigs were also badly hurt by the short-lived Native American or Know-Nothing party, which was primarily anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic. This party was strong in urban areas, which had also been a Whig stronghold. The last year the Whigs had a presidential candidate was in 1856.” Read more: The End of the Party – http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/essays/1801-1900/the-american-whig-party/the-end-of-the-party.php


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Trump links to Judeo-Russian Mafia


Donald Trump speaking at 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting

Trump links to Judeo-Russian Mafia

Trump and the Mob: https://www.themarshallproject.org/2016/04/27/trump-and-the-mob#.bqX8DRrXZ

Roy Cohn: Joe McCarthy’s henchman and Donald Trump’s mentor http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/04/donald-trump-roy-cohn-mentor-joseph-mccarthy-213799

Trump picked stock fraud felon [Felix Sater] as senior adviser  http://apne.ws/1TFnsND

CIA helps Jewish swindler [Felix Sater] walk: http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/05/14/57593.htm

“Israel is a Jewish State and it will forever exist as a Jewish State.” ~ Donald Trump (source)

WikiLeaks — Israel: Promised Land of Organized Crime: https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/09TELAVIV1098_a.html

Wikipedia — Jewish-American Organized Crime [The Russian Connection]: “In more recent years, Jewish-American organized crime has reappeared in the forms of both Israeli and Jewish-Russian mafia criminal groups. The Soviet and Russian émigré community in New York’s Brighton Beach contains a large Jewish presence. Some of these newer American-based Jewish gangsters, such as Ludwig Fainberg (who has lived in Ukraine, Israel and the United States but never Russia), share more in common culturally with Russia and the Soviet republics than their predecessors such as Meyer Lansky. Israeli mobsters also have had a presence in the United States. The Israeli mafia (such as the Abergil crime family) is heavily involved in ecstasy trafficking in America…”  Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish-American_organized_crime

“While the FBI and major media obsess about the Sicilian Mafia (the “Cosa Nostra”) a far more powerful and sinister force is in existence that has controlled most of the globe’s organized crime for at least two decades—the Jewish mafia from Russia (a “Kosher Nostra”). Yet there is not even a desk at the FBI for their crimes, which dwarf those of the Italian gangsters in scope, violence and depth…” Read more: The Judeo-Russian Mafia – From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Dominion – http://www.scribd.com/doc/157885372/The-Judeo-Russian-Mafia-From-the-Gulag-to-Brooklyn-to-World-Dominion


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Five MPH can be the difference between life and death


The dangerous foolishness of PennDOT continues…



Slow Down, Save a Life

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Flashing yellow arrow traffic signals are unnecessary and needlessly confusing


I’ve been driving over 35 years. And I was a professional truck driver for over 25 years. I also know something about semiotics.

A sign (or symbol) represents (or points to) something else. Although some signs (or symbols) may resemble that which they represent (or point to) they need not do so and, in fact, are usually arbitrary.

For instance, a pedestrian crossing sign has a symbolic representation of a pedestrian on it, whereas a STOP sign has arbitrary symbols (=letters) used to form the word STOP.

Although we don’t normally give traffic signs and symbols much thought, there is, in fact, a lot to think about when it comes to signs and symbols in general, and traffic signs in particular.

It’s not often that a sign or a symbol can prevent a fatality or serious injury, but they can (and they do) in many cases. Traffic signs and symbols do this, as well as signs and symbols found in hazardous work environments.

This brings me to the latest traffic symbol being rolled out in every state: the flashing yellow arrow.

In short, the flashing yellow arrow light symbol is replacing — in some intersection — the circular green light symbol, which means: “Left turn yield on green”.

Some (=most) intersections will retain the circular green light symbol, others will now have the flashing yellow arrow light symbol. Both mean (or represent) the same thing: “Left turn yield on light symbol”.

I have three problems with this.

  1. A chosen traffic symbol should be the same everywhere, not just in certain places.
  2. A traffic symbol should not be replaced with a different symbol without good reason.
  3. Traffic light color symbols should always retain their meanings.

Without uniformity, we’re asking for confusion. In some places a circular green light means “Left turn yield on green”. In other places a flashing yellow arrow means “Left turn yield on flashing yellow arrow”. This is a needless multiplicity of symbols and meanings that will cause (and already has caused) confusion, accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Once we have decided upon (and used for many years) a circular green light as the “Left turn yield on green” symbol we need to stick with it. There is no good reason for changing it.

A flashing yellow light at an intersection means… what?

If it’s a flashing CIRCULAR YELLOW light it means you may proceed with caution, because the traffic coming from the other directions have a flashing CIRCULAR RED light, which means: STOP.

If it’s a FLASHING YELLOW ARROW in a left turn lane it means you may turn but you must yield to oncoming traffic, which has a CIRCULAR GREEN light.

Circular yellow lights mean slow down when flashing (caution) and prepare to stop when steady.

Yellow lights, as symbols, have never meant: “You can go but you don’t have the right of way”.

A circular green light has always meant “You can go but you don’t have the right of way”.


Until now.

Although the circular symbol has been replaced with an arrow symbol, the color YELLOW is being used for a new and different purpose with the new flashing yellow arrow.

I don’t think this new symbol is necessary, and I think it’s needlessly confusing.

Also, why have states been installing these lights without informing drivers about these new and confusing symbols?

No licensed driver has ever read about them in the state driver’s manual.

The states haven’t bothered to mail notices to each licensed driver informing them of a new, major signal change in dangerous left turn situations? Why? This is completely irresponsible.

Pennsylvania’s first-ever flashing yellow left turn arrow comes to the midstate

“If you see a flashing yellow left turn arrow on a traffic light in Lower Allen Township next week, don’t worry, it’s supposed to be doing that.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced Friday that it would be installing the state’s first ever flashing yellow arrow signal at the intersection of U.S. 15 and Rossmoyne Road. The new traffic signal — which will cost about $6,000 to install — is meant to reduce crashes at the intersection…”

Continue reading: Pennsylvania’s first-ever flashing yellow left turn arrow comes to the midstate http://s.pennlive.com/Ohl44Ua

The PA Driver’s Manual says nothing about flashing yellow arrows (see pages 7-8) (.pdf) http://tinyurl.com/zlzadjq



Flashing Turn Arrows Have Some Drivers Confused

“If you drive in Wichita Falls, you’ve probably noticed the blinking lights at intersections across town. New state and federal standards require all new intersections and those where lights are being replaced to have the flashing turn arrows.

 “One woman told us she witnessed an accident Wednesday at the intersection of Kell West and McNiel, and she said the new lights are creating some dangerous confusion.

“Officer Jeff Hughes, with the Wichita Falls Police Department, confirmed there has been more accidents at the intersection after the lights were installed…”

Read more: Flashing Turn Arrows Have Some Drivers Confused http://bit.ly/1r1POIN


The Flashing Yellow Arrow: Safe and Efficient or Causing Confusion?

“After a Tuesday morning crash between a semi-truck and a minivan at Red Cap Corner injured three senior citizens, some asked if the signal installed in September could have been a contributing factor in the accident…”

Continue reading: The Flashing Yellow Arrow: Safe and Efficient or Causing Confusion? http://magicvalley.com/news/local/the-flashing-yellow-arrow-safe-and-efficient-or-causing-confusion/article_81fcbfd7-df2a-578e-aa73-dcb9235810f5.html

Another left-turn crash; flashing yellow arrow to blame?

“One person was transported to the hospital after a two-car collision occurred at the intersection of Green Springs Drive and Red Cliffs Drive at approximately 8:30 p.m. Monday. The driver cited was charged with failure to yield on a flashing yellow left-turn signal…”

Another left-turn crash; flashing yellow arrow to blame? https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2014/02/04/eda-another-left-turn-crash-flashing-yellow-to-blame/


Flashing yellow arrows could be to blame for increased Bonham accidents

“Bonham police are concerned that drivers don’t understand the new flashing yellow arrows.

“Before the new lights went up at 121 and 56, police worked about an accident a month there.

“Now that the flashing yellow arrows are in operation, accidents have quadrupled — averaging four accidents a month.

“The new flashing yellow arrows are still causing confusion and leading to accidents…”

Continue reading: Flashing yellow arrows could be to blame for increased Bonham accidents http://www.kxii.com/home/headlines/Flashing-yellow-arrows-could-be-to-blame-for-increased-Bonham-accidents-182450291.html

Witnesses: Confusion over new traffic signal caused fatal crash

“Witnesses say Thursday morning’s fatal crash on the city’s south side happened because of confusion over a new traffic signal.

“The crash was reported around 11 a.m. on State Road 37 near Southport Road when a van and car collided near the intersection. A woman was pronounced dead at the scene…

“The signals in question are flashing yellow lights that allow a driver to make a left turn without waiting for a green light — as long as the driver deems it safe…”

Read more: Witnesses: Confusion over new traffic signal caused fatal crash https://shar.es/1e2Vso


Due to recent crashes, plug pulled on flashing yellow light signal in Cloquet

“Due to multiple crashes recently at the intersection of Highway 33 and Big Lake Road, the yellow flashing caution light is being turned off after being activated for just one month.

“The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) decided to turn off the flashing light because people were turning into oncoming traffic, instead of yielding at the yellow flashing light as they are supposed to.

Continue reading: Due to recent crashes, plug pulled on flashing yellow light signal in Cloquet http://www.northlandsnewscenter.com/news/local/Due-to–280216662.html

FLASHING YELLOW ARROWS: WHAT CAN GO WRONG? – http://midimagic.sgc-hosting.com/fyafwcgw.htm

TRAFFIC SIGNALS: LEFT TURN DEFINITIONS – http://midimagic.sgc-hosting.com/lagdef.htm

Flashing yellow arrow sequence (.pdf) – http://www.ci.westminster.co.us/Portals/0/DigArticle/1032/FlashingYellowArrowSignals.pdf

flashing arrow copy

Driver’s Understanding of Protected/Permitted Left-Turn Signal Displays

“Problems with PPLT signal phasing, primarily related to the green ball permitted indication, have been identified but not resolved. Many traffic engineers argue that the MUTCD green ball permitted indication is adequate and properly presents the intended message to the driver. Other traffic engineers argue that the green ball permitted indication is not well understood and therefore inadequate. The latter argument is based on the belief that left-turn drivers may interpret the green ball permitted indication as a protected indication, creating a potential safety problem.

“It has been suggested that drivers would better understand a permitted left-turn indication if it included a change in color, position, and mode of operation (i.e., flashing). Consequently, traffic engineers have developed at least four variations of PPLT permitted indications. These variations replace the green ball permitted indication with either a flashing red ball, flashing yellow ball, flashing red arrow, or flashing yellow arrow indication. Additionally, variations in signal display arrangement and placement are applied. This variability has led to a myriad of PPLT signal displays and permitted indications throughout the United States that may confuse drivers and lead to inefficient and unsafe operations.”

Source: Driver’s Understanding of Protected/Permitted Left-Turn Signal Displays (.pdf) – http://www.topslab.wisc.edu/publications/2001/noyce_2001_0265.pdf (Emphasis added)

Left-turn phase: permissive, protected, or both? A quasi-experimental design in New York City.

“The practice of left-turn phasing selection (permissive, protected-only, or both) varies from one locality to another. The literature evidence on this issue is equally mixed and insufficient. In this study, we evaluate the safety impacts of changing left-turn signal phasing from permissive to protected/permissive or protected-only at 68 intersections in New York City using a rigorous quasi-experimental design accompanied with regression modeling. Changes in police reported crashes including total crashes, multiple-vehicle crashes, left-turn crashes, pedestrian crashes and bicyclist crashes were compared between before period and after period for the treatment group and comparison group by means of negative binomial regression using a Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) technique. Confounding factors such as the built environment characteristics that were not controlled in comparison group selection are accounted for by this approach. The results show that the change of permissive left-turn signal phasing to protected/permissive or protected-only signal phasing does not result in a significant reduction in intersection crashes. Though the protected-only signal phasing does reduce the left-turn crashes and pedestrian crashes, this reduction was offset by a possible increase in over-taking crashes. These results suggest that left-turn phasing should not be treated as a universal solution that is always better than the permissive control for left-turn vehicles. The selection and implementation of left-turn signal phasing needs to be done carefully, considering potential trade-offs between safety and delay, and many other factors such as geometry, traffic flows and operations.”

Source: Left-turn phase: permissive, protected, or both? A quasi-experimental design in New York City – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25626164 (Emphasis added)

flashing yellow arrow sign

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