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Patriot Day sales? Why not? We have Memorial Day sales

On Patriot Day we remember the nearly 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001. On Memorial Day we remember the 1.1 million people who have died in America’s wars. On Patriot Day no sales or barbecues are allowed. On … Continue reading

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Flashing yellow arrow traffic signals are unnecessary and needlessly confusing

I’ve been driving over 35 years. And I was a professional truck driver for over 25 years. I also know something about semiotics. A sign (or symbol) represents (or points to) something else. Although some signs (or symbols) may resemble … Continue reading

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One Year Review – 2015 Giant Anthem SX

One Year Review: 2015 Giant Anthem SX I rode the bike stock (except for the seat and grips) for over one year. I got the 1x and wheel upgrade at the end of March 2016. Upgraded parts: Stan’s Arch EX … Continue reading

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Incidents of church vandalism

Incidents of church vandalism Sheriff: Vandals Paint ‘Gay is OK!’, Similar Messages On Church via @wfmy Another Guilford County Church Vandalized With Pro-Gay Graffiti Over Weekend  Anti-religion vandals strike again at Midwest City church  Church shrine hit with … Continue reading

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Whites in Mobile, Alabama deal with black male gun violence epidemic

This is one of those local news stories you will never see in the national news: Police Chief Calls Teen Gun Violence an “Epidemic”

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Beyoncé’s adopted the whiteness standard of beauty

Beyoncé’s adopted the whiteness standard of beauty Every time I see a photo or video of Beyoncé I think the same thought: “She’s pretty… because she looks white.” Beyoncé is currently taking some heat for putting on a pro-black (read= Pro … Continue reading

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The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases I’ve been against unnecessary police chases for quite some time. However, it was the needless death of a mother of nine, near where I live, that persuaded me of the criminality of unnecessary … Continue reading

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