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The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases I’ve been against unnecessary police chases for quite some time. However, it was the needless death of a mother of nine, near where I live, that persuaded me of the criminality of unnecessary … Continue reading

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FBI manufactured “terrorists” in the USA

FBI manufactured “terrorists” in the USA Make no mistake, and don’t be deceived. The FBI is responsible for manufacturing more terrorists and creating more terror plots in the USA than any other organization. The FBI routinely entices, cajoles, radicalizes, arms, … Continue reading

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The role of images in creating cosplayers

The role of images in creating cosplayers “Because of the images that draw him into the story, he is liberated from the restraint usually placed on some of his instincts. He projects his personal desires onto the world, because these desires … Continue reading

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“Today I am deciding to love, not hate…”

“Today I am deciding to love, not hate. Today I am deciding to extend forgiveness, not bitterness.” ~ Davey Blackburn 2 men charged in Amanda Blackburn murder “INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two men were arrested and charged for the murder of … Continue reading

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Fethullah Gülen and the ISIS Death Cult

Fethullah Gülen and the ISIS Death Cult POLITICO – DEEP DIVE – WashPost A1, above fold, “Confronting the ‘Caliphate’” series, “ISIS’s army of propagandists: A MACABRE MACHINE WITH GLOBAL REACH — Professional media ’emirs’ paid more than fighters,” by Greg … Continue reading

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Putin killing McCain’s “moderate” rebels

“Vladimir Putin, right now, with his airstrikes, is killing the people we armed and trained.” ~ US Senator John McCain For the quote above, see the video below after 2:31 John McCain: Cameron’s statement on Syria is disgraceful Aiding Al … Continue reading

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On being socially useful even after we’re dead…

“Phosphorus recovery,” explained Henry telegraphically. “On their way up the chimney the gases go through four separate treatments. P2O5 used to go right out of circulation every time they cremated some one…” Continue reading

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