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Was the Chattanooga Shooting an FBI sting that went live?

Was the Chattanooga Shooting an FBI sting that went live?  Yesterday’s shooting in Chattanooga reminded me of a recent TED video… In 2012 two mentally ill Muslim men were arrested in Seattle for their involvement in an FBI sting operation … Continue reading

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Pentagon & CIA Involvement with Hollywood

Pentagon & CIA Involvement with Hollywood Sony Hack: FBI Confirms North Korea Is “Responsible for These Actions” “On Friday morning, the FBI officially accused North Korea of the devastating hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which began shortly before Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

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FBI warning US military members ISIS is out to get them and their families

FBI warning US military members ISIS is out to get them and their families How low can the FBI, DoD, and the US government go? They have now stooped so low as to be frightening military families, telling them (the … Continue reading

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ISIS (ISIL, IS) INFO LINKS ISIS is another US, Saudi, Israeli creation… just like al Qaeda was/is… designed to destabilize the enemies of Israel and give NATO a pretext for destroying those enemies (e.g., Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran). A … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda & Associates: Weaponized Islam Courtesy of CIA

With the recent invasion of Iraq by an al Qaeda affiliate, many people lack the context into which to place this most recent development, in order to make sense of it. People are bemoaning the fact the the US war in Iraq was for naught. That soldiers dies and were injured for nothing. That the war was won until Obama blew it. Etc… Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing Debate Jim Fetzer vs. A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

“On Thursday, April 24, 2014, at 3 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates a two-hour debate* between James H. Fetzer and A. J. MacDonald, Jr. on the Boston Marathon Bombing. Was it real or staged?” Continue reading

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Exploding & Exposing the Professor James Tracy Fraud

Professor Tracy is too smart to make the ridiculous statements he has made regarding the Boston Bombing… Continue reading

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