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Online Censorship of “Fake News”

Since when is untrue stuff online such a big issue? I think these recent examples (see below) of “fake news” are being used to further the agenda of eventually cracking down on politically incorrect online articles. Who, after all, will … Continue reading

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Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party

Latest meme: Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party I’ve been avoiding writing about Donald Trump, because I think it should be obvious to everyone he is on a mission to tar and feather the GOP as … Continue reading

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Black on White Violence: Dylann Roof’s Motive for Murder

Black on White Violence: Dylann Roof’s Motive for Murder The on-going attack upon all things Confederate is a distraction from the ugly truth: Dylann Roof’s motive for murder, which is something the media will never discuss… “The event that truly … Continue reading

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Black Power vs Confederate Flag

Black Power vs Confederate Flag Political correctness is not about tolerance… it’s about power. Why should we, as a society, tolerate protesters who wave Black Power flags while chanting “Take Down That (Confederate) Flag!”? Their doing so indicates they believe … Continue reading

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