Border and Immigration Woes


The old “catch and release” policy was to arrest, process, and then drop them off at the Greyhound bus station with tickets to cities all over the USA, which created an endless flow of people into the country illegally…


This is a good explanation of the new policy, and why it’s better than “catch and release”… The U.S. Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Manual Padilla, Jr. holds a press conference to discuss the “Zero Tolerance” policy and how it impacts the Rio Grande Valley

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) current policy and procedures address considerations when detaining and removing parents and legal guardians of minor children. These policies were first set out in the August 23, 2013 directive entitled Facilitating Parental Interests in the Course of Civil Immigration Enforcement Activities…”

US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)


Below are some older links I’ve saved, dealing with the old catch and release policy as well as many other border and immigration woes…

Critics derided Obama as “deporter-in-chief” for his policies that led to the deportations of 2.5 million people, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data — more than any other president and almost more than all previous administrations combined… Trump may match Obama on deportations, but would radically shift focus

150 New Border Patrol Agents

US-Mexico Border Wall 

Undocumented Crossings 

Undocumented Children

Sacred Heart church lends helping hand to immigrant families 


Local Catholic Nun Who Aids Undocumented Immigrants Has Received National Attention

Volunteers undocumented immigrants left at McAllen Central Bus Station

Photos: Immigrants arrive at Sacred Heart shelter tagged with tracking devices –

Immigrants released wearing GPS bracelets (via @kgbt)

Evolution of drug smuggling at the border

Most people don’t realize it, but, on the Texas-Mexican border, in the Rio Grande Valley, ICE apprehends illegals once they cross the border and later, after processing, releases them to local church shelters. ICE usually wants to make sure these illegals have bus tickets to points north before releasing them to the church shelters. But ICE has also been known to simply dump off illegals (by the busload) at the nearest Greyhound bus station after processing them. 

Objects Found in Pockets of Deceased Migrants

Corruption on the Border

What people fail to realize is most illegals are already in the system and have a court date. Everyone who is apprehended by Border Patrol and ICE is given court dates to appear and are released once they have bus tickets to cities within the US. That’s standard policy.


Maria’s Ordeal: A Woman of “Los Zetas”

“All of the women of the “house”, some 40, were drugged. “There was a room with ashtrays full of coke”, said Maria. Those who were lazy or lacking were punished, beaten, sometimes to death. Maria watched how they took out women wrapped in blankets or sheets: “I saw hundreds of dead women. They would be put in a van and taken out to bury them”, she said.

“Then I understood that I only had two options: one, that they kill me or two, that I live”.

“From then on, Maria forced herself to get along well and please everyone, to do what they told her, because “her clients liked me in bed”. She noticed how frequently the mafia criminals brought young girls of 13 and 14 years of age to the house “that were robbed from other sides”. It was their habit to “keep it clean”, with every new arrival of “new meat”, they would send the rest of the women to other places.

“Maria related: “I was pretty, a size 3, I had gotten breast implants. Many sought me, Z-42 looked for me, I knew him well: one day they took us to a party at a ranch in Allende. Lots of drugs, dancing, everything. It was there I met him. He gazed at me with tattooed shoulders, chest and back, and he chose me.

“At one of those parties I saw a man with his skin ripped by a saw; at another, Los Zetas buried a few young girls up to their heads. “I do not know what happened, why they did that, you do not ask anything, you fear and have terror of those men. First, they are happy and friendly, but they become embittered and the beatings start. Once I had my teeth kicked out.”

“Maria says that Los Zetas are absolute masters of Reynosa. No one chases them, on the contrary, they look out for them. “They also were the owners of the women, they killed them and they sold them. Many never returned”… Read more: Maria’s Ordeal: A Woman of “Los Zetas”

Haitian migrants arrive in Nogales, Sonora after months-long journey

Beyond the wall: The truth about fencing the U.S.-Mexico border

Will President-Elect Trump build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico?

UVU: Charles Bowden: America’s Favorite Lethal Lies about the Border

As far as our border with Mexico is concerned, I’m not sure people understand how things work down there. Hundreds of people per day are arrested by the US Border Patrol (USBP) after illegally crossing the border into the US. I think that’s what most people would consider a well policed and secure border. What most people don’t stop to consider is the question: “Once we arrest these people, what do we do with them?” Because we are a nation of laws we can’t just take them half way across a bridge and drop them off in Mexico without due process. So Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) schedules immigration hearing dates for each person and requires them to attend these hearings. The problem then is that all of these people (hundreds per day) are not going to remain in the area where they have been apprehended (unless we set up refugee camps on the border). Instead, ICE releases these people from custody once their families have purchases bus tickets for them (to points north) and tells them to contact ICE once they arrive where they are going so they can attend an immigration hearing in that area. Lately ICE has also been fitting these people with GPS ankle bracelets. I have lived in the US-Mexico border region and I’ve traveled extensively in the area on both sides of the border. I’ve seen USBP drop people off half way across a bridge on the Mexican side. But this was after they received due process. In short, our border with Mexico is a complex issue. There is no easy fix, such as Trump’s much touted wall. Watch this recent video for an idea of what is going on in the region: 200 Undocumented immigrants arrive at Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Faithful called to embrace refugees

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is making plans for a permanent Respite Center to continue serving immigrant families who pass through McAllen

Sacred Heart Church breaks ground for Border Crossing Immigrant Respite Center expansion

Alarming Increase in Stash Houses Found In Residential Neighborhoods

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has helped over 54,000 immigrants since 2014

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Obama administration kicks off family deportation raids 

“The Obama administration confirmed Monday that it began a new wave of arrests of Central American immigrant families over the weekend, moving forward with deportations of mothers and children despite an outcry from immigrant rights groups and potential political fallout for Democrats. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said in a statement that 121 people were taken into custody in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina in recent days and will soon face deportation…” Continue reading: Obama administration kicks off family deportation raids


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