We should no longer live for ourselves

The Holy Spirit really spoke to me recently, via the word spoken by these ministers below…

“He [the Holy Spirit] is the one who, refreshing us by his dew, distills for us the energy of life, which is why he is called ‘oil’ and ‘anointing’ (1 John 2:20, 27). He is the one who, by burning away and consuming our base appetites, kindles the flame of love in our hearts, a work for which he is called ‘fire’ (Luke 3:16). He is the one who breathes into us divine life, so that we should no longer live for ourselves but should follow his prompting and leading. So if there is any good in us, we owe it all to his grace and power. On the other hand, whatever we have of our own is only blindness of mind and crookedness of heart.” (John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (1541 Edition) p. 258) 

“The Answer to Unhappiness” – The Lutheran Hour (April 29, 2018)

“God does His best work in the wilderness. He is the help you need from the outside. He brings His resources to the places where you have nothing left. And, as you heard so vividly in Acts chapter eight, His miraculous peace and hope lead to rejoicing, true happiness that lasts forever through Jesus Christ, the living Savior. 

“So, what’s your next step with this answer to unhappiness? Today, I would like to encourage you to look closely at Philip and the Ethiopian man. Notice that both Philip and the Ethiopian man listened to God. Will you? Will you be attentive to God’s voice — His Word that leads you to joy that is complete?

“Both Philip and the Ethiopian also trusted God and followed Him. Will you? Will you trust God and follow Him today — even if it means changing your attitude and sacrificing your own plans and desires? Sometimes God leads you in directions you would rather not go for your good and the good of others. 

“Finally, will you share the joy God gives you? Notice what Philip did: he joined the Ethiopian in his chariot. He entered into relationship and was present with this person in need. Will you do the same for the people in your life? Will you enter into relationship with the people in your life? Will you be present for them? And will you share God’s good news? Like Philip, just trace it all back to Jesus, your Savior and your friend. 

“You see, along with great joy because of His grace, God also provides meaningful purpose. 

“Will you share the happiness God gives you? Even in your wilderness, God gives you Good News to share with the people around you. Perhaps just one. Perhaps your whole family. Maybe your neighborhood. Or maybe a whole nation. Never underestimate what God might do for you and through you. 

“Dear friend, you have an answer to an old ache today. The answer to unhappiness is Jesus and the life He gives. Remember this one thing: God meets you in your wilderness. It’s where your Savior does His best work. Watch, rejoice, and share! Amen.” ~ Rev. Ken Klaus

Read more: The Answer to Unhappiness https://www.lutheranhour.org/sermon.asp 

“Studying the life of Jesus and the examples He left for us and with His help, we can learn to walk in love, sharing His love and His Word with those He places in our paths. But first, we must be dedicated to Him, putting our own agendas second and putting His will for us first.” ~ Chaplin Joe, Truckstop Ministries

he died for all

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