US media ignores plight of black children being gunned down

Aavielle Wakefield

The late Aavielle Wakefield

Black teens on Parkland gun debate: What about us?

“I feel really bad that they lost those kids in Florida. But, like, we go through shootings all the time. It’s just that our shootings happen day by day. Because it happens on the regular up here, the world says it’s really not that important.” Read more: Black teens on Parkland gun debate: What about us?

African-Americans Feel Left Out of the Gun Debate

“The five student victims propelled to center stage after the Parkland shooting are all white except for Emma Gonzalez, who identifies as Cuban. And the overwhelmingly positive reception these younger, whiter activists have received has not gone unnoticed by civil rights activists who come from and are pushing for marginalized communities to be heard in the fight for gun reform. These activists maintain that the debate on gun violence has historically excluded the concerns of some groups most affected by it. In a country where guns are used to kill about 10 times more black children than white children each year, there cannot be meaningful policy reform, they say, without considering how gun violence affects all Americans—not just white Americans…” Read more: African-Americans Feel Left Out of the Gun Debate

Watch the tragic video playlist below, and cry as I have.

Why is this national pattern of black male on black child violence never discussed in the national media?

Because the national media doesn’t care about black people!

If they did, they would address this national tragedy daily, until something was finally done to stop it…

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6 Responses to US media ignores plight of black children being gunned down

  1. ‘What’s funny?’: Teen accused of killing 3-year-old smiles in court, sparking near brawl via @fox43

  2. “A young black male’s life is not worth reporting when it is taken by another black male. That’s the real racism that prevails in America’s newsrooms. The marginalization of black urban life…” Read more: The Racism Liberals Don’t Recognize — Their Own–their-own-n2484478

  3. One of the latest victims of gun violence in Milwaukee is a 6-year-old boy. He was randomly shot last Friday while sitting in the back of an SUV. Now, his mother is pleading for the suspect to turn herself in. Julia Fello reports:

  4. HEARTBREAKING: 12-year-old She’Nyah O’Flynn of Michigan would have turned 13 next month, but instead of celebrating her birthday, family will be planning her funeral. She’Nyah was gunned down last night, going home from a graduation party in West Garfield Park while visiting family in Chicago.

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