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Canonical texts create religious communities

Canonical texts create religious communities. This is why, for example, the ending of Mark has become a canonical crisis: those who reject the traditional ending have formed another canonical text and another religious community. Word Magazine # 72: The Ending … Continue reading

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ISIS fighters return to Canada

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Do people in the USA realize this is going on north of our border? Allowing ISIS terrorists to return to Canada? Terrorist travelers can be rehabilitated, leading expert insists “A leading researcher on … Continue reading

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We should no longer live for ourselves

The Holy Spirit really spoke to me recently, via the word spoken by these ministers below… “He [the Holy Spirit] is the one who, refreshing us by his dew, distills for us the energy of life, which is why he … Continue reading

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Jim Jones’ beliefs about the Bible

When your opinion of the Bible resembles that of Jim Jones you might be going down the wrong path… In 1978 I was 18 years old and serving in the US Army. In early December of that year I boarded … Continue reading

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US media ignores plight of black children being gunned down

Black teens on Parkland gun debate: What about us? “I feel really bad that they lost those kids in Florida. But, like, we go through shootings all the time. It’s just that our shootings happen day by day. Because it … Continue reading

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