An Unreported on Pattern of Violence


Aavielle Wakefield

 The late Aavielle Wakefield

This post deals with an unreported on pattern of violence in the USA. Virtually every day, across the USA, black babies, children, and teens are at risk for being inadvertently shot and killed by black men. The pattern is there, the danger is real, and yet the national media never connects the dots and reports on this nationwide epidemic of violence.

This tragedy is left to local media to report on, which they do, faithfully.

I follow local news outlets across the USA and this is why I am able to collect many of these tragic news stories. The national media knows about these tragic events, and knows there is a nationwide pattern, but refuses to bring any national attention to it.

If only one of these babies had been killed by the KKK we would hear about it forever. But since all of these babies have been killed by black men it’s just local news. In fact, these types of shootings are so common that the media doesn’t consider them to be national news.

Ask yourself this question: “If I were a young black mother with babies, would I fear my babies were in constant danger of being murdered by the KKK? Or would I fear my babies were in constant danger of being murdered by black men in my neighborhood?”

Watch this tragic video playlist, and cry as I have. Why is this national pattern of black male on black child violence never discussed in the national media? Because the national media doesn’t care about black people. If they did, they would address this national tragedy daily, until something was finally done to stop it.

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