Review: Nuevo Testamento Bilingue RVR 1960/KJV


Nuevo Testamento Bilingue RVR 1960/KJV

Nuevo Testamento Bilingue RVR 1960/KJV, Enc. Rustica, Vino (RVR 1960/KJV Bilingual New Testament, Softcover, Burgundy) $5.99 –

I’ve been needing a Spanish/English New Testament and they’re not easy to find. My local Christian bookstore (LifeWay) has a wall of Spanish Bibles and books, including many Spanish/English Bibles, but no bilingual New Testaments.

I found the one linked above at Christian Book Distributors for $5.99 + $3.99 shipping, so, for $10, I managed to find a decent Spanish/English New Testament, which actually has a readable font. I should note I prefer the older translations, and this one is the RVR 1960 along with the KJV. There are other, modern translations available at CBD as well (although these, too, are not available at my local LifeWay).

I like this Spanish/English New Testament. It’s published by National Publishing Company, Philadelphia and, for a cheap paperback, is pretty well made. The paper is of good quality and the font, as I said above, is readable.

If you’re looking for a Spanish/English New Testament this is a good buy, especially for the price.



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