Review: Cambridge KJV Pocket New Testament


Cambridge KJV Pocket New Testament (Black French Morocco Leather)

Cambridge KJV Pocket New Testament (Black French Morocco Leather) $34.99

This Cambridge KJV pocket New Testament is no longer available.

I saw a small NRSV New Testament for sale posted by Cambridge Bible on their Facebook page about two months ago and I asked, in a comment, if they were ever going to reprint the KJV New Testament, because I couldn’t find it available for sale anywhere. I was told, in a comment, they weren’t. However, I was also told, via comment, they had a few copies of the KJV pocket New Testament available that were less than perfect, and if I wanted one I could obtain one, since I had asked about it.

True to their word, about two months later, I received via FedEx a copy of this wonderful pocket New Testament from Cambridge University Press! 😃

I paid about $28 for this New Testament (including shipping) and there’s really nothing wrong with it. A couple of pages may be cut a bit crooked, there’s some extra glue that has dripped onto the bookmark where it’s bound to the spine, a small portion of thread is sticking out in one section of Philippians, but, other than these few imperfections, it’s fine. It also has a red mark on the last page indicating it’s less than perfect.

It’s very small, like a Gideon New Testament, which is a handy pocket size I’ve always liked. It has a small, but readable, black letter text, it’s very well made, Smyth sewn, with a French Morocco leather cover, printed in Great Britain at the University Press, Cambridge.

It’s probably the best made small book I’ve ever seen.

I really appreciate Cambridge for making this wonderful pocket New Testament available to me.




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  1. Flanders says:

    You should find this site interesting in regard to the Bible.

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