Review: Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible


Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible (Black Edge-Lined Goatskin Leather)

KJV Concord Reference Bible, Black Edge-Lined Goatskin Leather, Red Letter Text KJ566:XRE Black Goatskin Leather RCD266 ISBN: 9780521512978

The link above is to the Cambridge website. I found this beautiful Bible on sale at Book Depository last year. This Bible normally retails for $260 but I was blessed to be able to purchase it for $139. Having said that, I think this Bible is worth the $260 it normally sells for. You won’t find a better made Bible anywhere in the world.

Cambridge really did a wonderful job creating this Bible. It’s printed in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and it’s bound in the United Kingdom by Cambridge University Press.

This Bible is something of a small library, because it includes a glossary, concordance, Bible dictionary, and maps. And it’s not very thick either. It’s the perfect size and weight for everyday use.

My favorite features of this Bible are the font, which is very easy to read, and the bold-figure cross-references in the center column. Most reference Bibles have small letters and numbers in the text itself but this Bible doesn’t. Having read other reference Bibles, and this Bible, I’ve noticed how much better the Cambridge reference system is. When I’m reading the text I’m not distracted by small letters and numbers tempting me to look at the references. I read the text and, if I wonder about something, I can glance at the center column to see if there’s a reference. But it’s up to me to decide. I’m never tempted to stop reading and look at references as I am with other reference Bibles.

I decided last year to go back to the King James Version of the Bible and I’m glad I did. The KJV is a superior English translation, it’s based upon the traditional text, and this text will never change.

Cambridge has been printing KJV Bibles for 400 years and you won’t find a better edition of the KJV than this one.

If you’re looking for a quality Bible that will last for generations look no further than this one. It’s worth every dollar.








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2 Responses to Review: Cambridge KJV Concord Reference Bible

  1. rutnerh says:

    I also prefer the KJV, in my case, as a rationally grounded industrial scientist and dispensational biblicist by avocation, it is the Scofield 1917 edition, well worn as the third or possibly fourth owner. It includes numerous study aids, also in center columns, including cross references and citations for first and last use of subject terms. But more importantly to me, with his personal incisive dispensational commentaries in chapter introductions and footnotes, each with supporting Scripture verses in parentheses….some in multi point format reflecting Scofield’s precise legal mindset. Also useful is Ussher’s chronological chapter dating, quite accurate back to about Abraham’s time or about BC2000, which is quite useful for relating the sequences of biblical events. I also have the 1967 Scofield KJV revision which regrettably shows evidence of modern evangelical “corruption” in the revisions or deletions some of Scofield’s discerning comments.

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