Review: The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome


The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome by Michael Hoffman (2017) Trade paperback 723 pages 42 illustrations $35.00

This is an interesting book. Anyone interested in the subject matter should take the time to read it.

According to Hoffman, the so-called “crisis in the Catholic Church” didn’t begin with Vatican II, it began 500 years earlier (during the Renaissance).

And the so-called “Traditional Catholics” (who long for the good old days before Vatican II) are, in reality, papists who don’t realize the “Tradition” they follow is not Catholic but Renaissance Neoplatonic-Hermeticism!

Although I agree with Hoffman on many points, I’m not quite sure what he expects from the readers of his latest book.

After reading Hoffman’s 723 page book I’m asking myself “What am I supposed to do with this knowledge?” and “What are Traditional Catholics supposed to do with this knowledge?”

I guess we’re supposed to tell others… tell them the truth… warn them.

Hoffman doesn’t say.

I made the decision last year to leave the Catholic Church, because I didn’t see it upholding Catholic dogma, tradition, or Holy Scripture. I went back to the Bible.

I bought a King James Version of the Bible and read it. But I’ve yet to find a church home.

I feel a lot better, spiritually, having gone back to the Bible. But some people, like Traditional Catholics, have never read the Bible, or much of the Bible, and they want a church home for themselves and their families. A Catholic Church home. What are they supposed to do if Hoffman is right: “The Church of Rome” is NOT the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church hasn’t existed for at least 500 years!

The pope and popery is a fraud!

This sort of information is simply too much for most people, especially Traditional Catholics, to handle.

And it’s hard for me to see why anyone would choose to remain Catholic if Hoffman is right.

The controversy over popery goes back to at least 1054 and the East-West split between the Orthodox and Latin churches. Does Hoffman expect Traditional Catholics to go east? and become Orthodox? He doesn’t say.

I have no interest in going east. In fact, I think we could push the date back quite a ways earlier than 1054, if we wish to find when the Church departed from the faith we find in the New Testament. Why not push it back to 381 when Constantine made Christianity the state religion? Many people do.

Personally, I don’t even care for the quibbling over homoousios and homoiousios that arose during the early 300s….

The First Council of Nicaea in 325 debated the terms homoousios and homoiousios. The word homoousios means “same substance”, whereas the word homoiousios means “similar substance”. The council affirmed the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Godhead) are of the homoousious (same substance). This is the source of the English idiom “differ not by one iota.” Note that the words homoousios and homoiousios differ only by one ‘i’ (or the Greek letter iota). Thus, to say two things differ not one iota, is to say that they are the same substance. (source)

Was this really an important orthodox definition of the faith? or was this simply philosophical quibbling over arcane minutiae? A misguided philosophical attempt to define a mystery no one can possibly explain or comprehend?

Where, in the gospels, was Jesus ever concerned about this sort of Greek philosophical quibbling? Jesus never speaks of himself, his Father, and the Holy Ghost as being “the same substance”. What substance does a spirit have? Who can know? Where did the apostles speak of this? Where did they say that if someone denied the Father, Son, and Spirit were the “same substance” they should be put out of the church?

They didn’t.

Does God expect the average person to comprehend and believe this sort of thing? I doubt it.

I guess we’re supposed to trust the Fathers who, at this Council, gave the orthodox definition of the faith?

After reading Hoffman’s book, why would I trust anyone?

I trust my Bible.

The gospel is what God expects his people to believe and obey, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is not hard to understand.

The gospel is simple: repent and believe, live holy, help others, hope in the resurrection.

I’m starting to believe it didn’t take very long for the Church to become corrupted by philosophy, theology, government, etc…

I’m happy to have a good Bible I can trust. And I hope to find a good church I can be a part of.

Hoffman’s book does a great job of showing how far gone the Catholic Church is.

It’s so far gone it’s no longer the Catholic Church… it’s the Neoplatonic-Hermetic Kabbalistic Talmudic “Church of Rome” and has been for over 500 years!

Will Traditional Catholics believe this? Not many. Perhaps a few.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee. The pope isn’t Catholic and neither is his “Church”.

If there were a book today Catholics would like to burn it would be Hoffman’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”.

And if there were an author today the Neoplatonic-Hermetic Kabbalistic Talmudic Church of Rome would like to burn it would be Michael Hoffman.

No doubt Hoffman’s critics will simply dismiss him… saying he’s a crank… a crackpot… a conspiracy theorist… an anti-Semite… a Holocaust denier… a Protestant… a sad, aging scholar whose great learning has finally driven him mad.  It’s much easier to dismiss Hoffman and his latest book than it is to deal with the consequences of his thesis if, in fact, he is right.

I think he’s right.

Don’t neglect to read this important new book.

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome by Michael Hoffman (2017) Trade paperback 723 pages 42 illustrations $35.00

Syriac NT John – Crucifix and Sephardic Tree



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One Response to Review: The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

  1. rutnerh says:

    I was an industrial scientist for 50 years, of which a born again believer for the past 30 years and a Scofield dispensational biblicist by avocation for the past 20 years. Why? Because my rationally grounded technical mindset found a comparable rationality in the concise Bible supported annotations in Scofield’s KJV and especially in his booklet Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. Scofield, a lawyer by profession before his conversion to a premill dispensational believer, compiled his annotations and footnotes in this booklet in a concise bullet point legalistic format with each statement supported by relevant Bible verses. To me as a pragmatic industrial scientist, this booklet and its logical dispensational perspective was a true eye opener. It provided a clearer understanding of seemingly contradictory passages in the Bible and equally importantly a defense of the inerrancy of Scriptures to attacks by unbelievers exploiting them and denying the divine and unique origin of inspired manuscripts, later compiled in the Bible, the last and final book constituting Jesus’ Revelation to the Apostle John in about A.D.100.
    Meaning all later writings by so called church fathers have lesser or no credibility, especially if contradicting Jesus’ teachings and later expository Apostolic Christian doctrines, In contrast, most Christian denominations rely on uninspired post Apostolic doctrines, notably the paganized Christianity of Emperor Constantine”s Imperial Roman Catholic Church who claimed and indeed was the first self appointed pope, not Pope Peter.
    Another common fallacy is the wide spread erroneous belief that Christianity or “the church” is reflected in Roman Catholicism, a religion adopting many but not fully embracing all elements of true Christianity. Why? Because RC teachings intermingle and thus corrupt inspired biblical doctrines with flawed humanistic traditions issued as fallible papal edicts. The Islamic Koran deviates even further by incorporating partially plagiarized often flawed descriptions of events in the OT and NT.
    These 2 religions, like all other religions, are satanic corruptions diverting the multitudes from the one and only divine Way, Truth and Life leading to God in Heaven (John14;6).
    And both religions are the true causes of the enormous pillaging and killing perpetrated in the Crusades instigated by papal edicts that contradict peaceful Christian doctrines. Tragically, the RCC claiming to serve God, instead persecuted and killed multitudes of true Christians for more than 1300 years in inquisitions even beyond the Reformation under Martin Luther.
    Besides Scofield’s writings, more recent expose of the RCC are well documented in tracts and booklets by ex-RC Mike Gendron and the more extensive personal historical researches of the RCC and other cults (defined and accursed by Paul as “another gospel” in Gal 6;1) by David Cloud, spanning 30 y. I rely on both in identifying false teachings or teachers since I have neither the intellect nor time to pursue independent research.

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