Heroin overdose victims being cannibalized for organs


cannibalize – to remove parts, equipment, assets, employees, etc., from (an item, product, or business) in order to use them in another: to cannibalize old airplanes for replacement parts.

“An unexpected benefit from the opioid epidemic. The jump in overdose deaths has dramatically increased the number of organs available for transplants…” Continue reading: Drug Overdose Deaths Mean More Organ Transplants http://www.healthline.com/health-news/drug-overdose-deaths-cncrease-organ-transplants

Organ Donations Spike In The Wake Of The Opioid Epidemic https://n.pr/2dMdwpp

I didn’t realize this was going on until I watched the video(s) below this morning.

I realize people who lose a loved one, especially a child, want to think their loved one’s life had meaning.

In the video below, saying this woman saved eight people’s lives by shooting up heroin and overdosing is ridiculous.

She didn’t save anyone. She killed herself and her body was cannibalized for organs.

The (first) video is, to me, very disturbing, because of the way it turns bad behavior into a virtue.

You can be a junkie and save lives!

This is pure nonsense. It appears to be some sort of behavior modification and social engineering, which is designed to get us to accept evil, and worse: to embrace evil as good.

What are heroin addicts going to think when they see this sort of thing? Does this give them an incentive to quit shooting up? No. It lets them know some good can come of their addiction. That even when they throw their lives away they can still be heroes.

Are lives lost to heroin overdoses making a difference?

Can you die from a heroin overdose and your life still have meaning?

Did one woman’s heroin overdose save 8 people’s lives?

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