Dangerous half-truths about Syria


There have been a lot of dangerous half-truths told about Syria.

Such half-truths are dangerous because: 1) people do learn at least half of the truth; and 2) the brighter and more curious people will simply do a little Googling and learn the whole truth.

For example, Fox News has been saying (for years now) that “Obama” and “Hillary” have been “arming radical Islamic jihadists” in Syria.

This, of course, ignores the fact that it’s been official US policy to fund, train, arm, and utilize (as proxies) radical Islamic jihadists since July 1979. Carter did it, Reagan did it, Bush I did it, Clinton I did it, Bush II did it, Obama is doing it, and Clinton II will continue to do it.

A good example of dangerous half-truth telling occurred a year (or so) ago when “the Fox News watching crowd” rejected calls for US intervention in Syria when Obama’s “red line” was crossed after a supposed chemical weapons attack.

The situation became quite comical, to me, when millions of Fox News watching Obama haters flooded the US congress with calls demanding there be no US intervention in Syria. This, of course, is not what the Zionists and the Neocons wanted. They wanted US boots on the ground. But their media outlet had done too good a job convincing their people that Obama was arming al Qaeda in Syria and they wanted no part of sending their loved ones off to Syria to help al Qaeda overthrow the Assad “regime”.

This bizarre turn of events turned even more bizarre when Barack Obama, the supposed “Muslim traitor” refused to take immediate military action as president — as he was expected to do — and, instead, asked the US congress to decide what military action, if any, should be taken by the US in Syria.

Donald Trump has a snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming president but, if he were to be elected, we can be certain he, too, would continue the US policy of arming Islamic jihadists in Syria (and that Fox News would (suddenly) stop talking about it).

Trump knows this, yet he told yet another dangerous half truth about Syria during the recent debate:

“I don’t like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS and they have lined up because of weak foreign policy.” ~ Donald Trump

Trump’s dangerous half-truth answer during the debate will no doubt cause many intelligent people to ask:

“If Syria, Russia, and Iran are fighting ISIS, are we on the same side as ISIS? Could ISIS be one of the US backed “rebel groups”?

It’s a reasonable question I think many Trump supporters are asking.

I’ve written more than a few blog posts about Syria, and I wrote one last year that included John McCain’s admission that Russia, as Trump said during the debate, was killing ISIS… or: “the people we armed and trained”:

“Vladimir Putin, right now, with his airstrikes, is killing the people we armed and trained.” ~ US Senator John McCain

Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels

Catholic World News – October 02, 2015 – A Syrian bishop has reacted strongly to Senator John McCain’s claim that Russian planes are bombing US-backed rebel forces, saying that McCain’s statement is “a blatant admission” of American involvement with Islamic militants.

Speaking to the Fides news service, Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo said that Russian air strikes were targeted against positions held by Islamic militants. He went on to say that McCain’s statement reflects the “Western propaganda” that the US has been providing support for “moderate rebels, who do not exist.”

The admission of US support for Islamic radicals is disturbing, the archbishop said. “What does it mean? Al Qaida is now a US ally, just because in Syria it has a different name?”

Source: CWN: Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels http://dlvr.it/CKwfLV 

Allying with political Islam: The United States’ tactical alliances with Al Qaeda and its associates in Syria

The New York Times reported that the United States has refrained from systematically attacking Al Qaeda’s franchise in Syria because US-backed fighters coordinate and are enmeshed with the outfit. The newspaper also reported that the Pentagon had refrained in 2015 from attacking ISIS militants in and around the Syrian town of Palmyra in order to further the US foreign policy goal of regime change in Damascus. The United States has a long history of forming tactical alliances with political Islam to counter secular Arab nationalists, whom it views as inimical to its interests of dominating the Arab world, with its vast petroleum resources. Syria, whose constitution describes the country as “the beating heart of Arabism” and “bedrock of resistance against colonial hegemony on the Arab world,” is the last of the secular Arab nationalist states opposing US domination and control of the region.

Continue reading: Allying with political Islam: The United States’ tactical alliances with Al Qaeda and its associates in Syria… https://gowans.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/allying-with-political-islam-the-united-states-tactical-alliances-with-al-qaeda-and-its-associates-in-syria/

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10 Responses to Dangerous half-truths about Syria

  1. Vic Sadot says:

    Is the term “half-truth” not a euphemistic code word for blatant war mongering lies? The well-stated factual content of the article would seem to make a good case that these are simply calculated lies with a very deadly agenda behind them. Is there a need to muddy the matter any more than it is already twisted and propagandized to be?

    • I think warring factions within our government/media use half-truths as a last resort. To me it shows they’re afraid of losing power, and are desperate. The right is presently using half-truths and the left is not. The left just flat out lies. The right is out of power and resorts to half-truths in a desperate attempt to smear the faction they oppose. Were the right to (re)gain power they would use lies and have no more need for half truths.

  2. ronster12012 says:


    Great article, thank you!

    It should have been obvious to anyone that games are being played, but unfortunately 90% of the western population are distracted, uninterested or brainwashed.If one looks at things with a somewhat open mind it isn’t that hard to see what is what.
    One question though. If Trump will do exactly the same, then why are the elites so against him?

  3. ronster12012 says:


    Just thought I would add this, a mid east timeline.


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