Clown Hysteria


Sinister ‘Clowns’ Are Scaring People In Multiple States

“This may be your worst nightmare: Reports are emerging from multiple states of alarming interactions with people in clown clothing.

“First, residents of Greenville, S.C., reported last month that suspicious clowns were attempting to lure children into the woods. The property manager of the Fleetwood Manor apartment, where many of the sightings happened, sent a letter to residents warning that ‘at no time should a child be alone at night, or walking in the roads or wooded areas at night,’ according to local television station WHNS.

“Up to this point, law enforcement officials have not uncovered any evidence — ‘not even a prankster in a clown suit'” — as The Associated Press reported.

“Since the report in Greenville, sightings of sinister “clowns” have emerged around the country…” Continue reading: Sinister ‘Clowns’ Are Scaring People In Multiple States

Beware the clowns: a lesson in moral panic

“Something strange is happening in South Carolina.

“People are telling the media and police that they’ve seen sinister clowns near forest, offering children money and luring them into the woods.

“The clown sightings have continued for days, but so far, there’s no photographic or physical evidence of any malicious clowns.

“Despite the lack of hard evidence, media in the United States, Canada, and overseas are running with the story…” Continue reading: Beware the clowns: a lesson in moral panic

Killer Clowns From Your Imagination

“Since late August 2016, police in Greenville County, South Carolina, have been besieged with reports of children being stalked by phantom clowns. Authorities have investigated the stories but come up empty. Most of the reports were vague. What are we to make of these accounts?

“The literature on folklore and mass psychology teaches us to be skeptical. Police have done the right thing: take the reports seriously and investigate. Yet, in the absence of hard evidence, they should be skeptical, otherwise they run the risk of wasting valuable time and resources. Stalking Clown folklore has been with us for decades and appears to be part of the ‘Stranger Danger’ moral panic of the 1980s. Moral panics are periods of intense fear that crop up from time to time, and involve exaggerated threats from perceived evil-doers…” Continue reading: Killer Clowns From Your Imagination | Psychology Today

Clown Panic!

“Reports of phantom clowns in the United States can be traced back decades and are a form of social panic. They reflect age-old fears that are dressed up in new garb—literally.

“During late August 2016, police in Greenville, South Carolina, were besieged with reports of children being stalked by clowns. In some instances, these nefarious figures reportedly tried to lure youngsters into the woods with offers of candy and money. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement the clowns seemed to vanish into the shadows…” Continue reading: Clown Panic!

Creepy clowns: 9 things to know about the hysteria

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  1. Video appears to show man with gun scaring off clown in Chicago

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