The World Star Effect


The World Star Effect 

“A Delaware teen died during a fight at her high school Thursday and according to many on Twitter, this all happened as her friends were recording the incident on their phones. According to police though, this trend of videotaping fights isn’t anything new…” Continue reading: The “World Star Effect”, why teens video fights

“Happy Mother’s Day Worldstar!”

The Impact of WorldStar HipHop on Some Black Americans

“Today I was on facebook and a disturbing video came up on my timeline. The video was of 3 African-American boys beating up an African-American girl. The 3 African-American boys were attempting to steal the African-American girl’s phone. After reading some of the comments to that video I decided to record my thoughts on the video. I also wanted to address particular comments that were posted by other viewers. In particular there were posted comments that suggested that the violent behavior present in the video was the result of Global White Supremacy. The issue of Global White Supremacy, as a legitimate excuse for the dysfunction found within the African-American, is counterproductive. This video explains a more reasonable and rational reason as to why there is so much dysfunction present within the African-American community. These things being said there are several reasons why I decided to record this video.

“Reason #1: It is important for African-American men who are committed husbands and dedicated fathers to speak out about the destructive behaviors that are prevalent amongst African-American children in general, and African-American boys in particular.

“Reason #2: There is a need for a balancing force as it relates to the illogical excuses that are often made by African-Americans in regards to the various plights facing African-Americans in general, and African-American boys in particular.

“Reason #3: Global White Supremacy has been given far too much power by far too many African-American leaders who continue to perpetuate parental irresponsibility and perpetual black victimhood.

“Reason #4: Excuses do not solve problems. Siting Global White Supremacy as the reason for destructive behavior found in some African-American children will never solve any of the issues facing African-American people in general, and African-American boys in particular.

“Reason #5 The best solution to black-on-black violence, child criminality, and dysfunctional male/female relationships is parental responsibility. Parental responsibility should not be absolved on the grounds that somehow Global White Supremacy is a megalithic force that is beyond the trans-formative abilities of the African-American parent.

“#6 Rarely are the topics facing the African-American community discussed by African-American men who are living the lifestyle of a committed husband and dedicated father; as a matter of proper intellectual process a balanced perspective is needed in these regards.” ~ Lenon Honor (source)

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