“We have a population that becomes pacified…”


“When a culture disdains literacy for the important functions of public discourse and replaces that with a medium that focuses on format and style — and therefore entertainment — then you begin to get… you have a situation comparable to what Huxley meant by the drug soma… that everyone is kept sort of pacified, amused, entertained. President Regan is entertaining… Dan Rather is entertaining… even the nightly news, for all of its gory stories, is entertaining, because the film footage is exciting. The religion on television is amusing. Commercials are very amusing and entertaining. So that, as we move into this imagistic culture of short duration dynamic and amusing images, we have a population that becomes pacified… that no longer is capable of the kind of sustained reflection and analytical thought that I think is usually characteristic of literate cultures where typography is vital to every day’s functioning.”  ~ Neil Postman (1985)

Neil Postman – PBS Currents (Literacy Lost) https://youtu.be/VWNHLKW7n5c

The Age of Trump? Worse, it’s the Age of Postman…

“Though Neil Postman published Amusing Ourselves to Death in 1985, its observations, like the biblical prophets of old, have never been more relevant and ominous in this Age of Trump.

“The premise of Postman’s book is this: electronic media is dumbing us down, transforming our dialogue into mere forms of entertainment, preventing us from not only speaking with each other on an adult level, but even thinking on an adult level, a phenomenon he observed particularly in politics, religion and education. The introduction makes his terrifyingly prophetic thesis plain…”

Continue reading: Donald Trump and Neil Postman’s Prescient ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’ https://stream.org/donald-trump-neil-postmans-prescient-amusing-death/

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3 Responses to “We have a population that becomes pacified…”


    “Many expect Trump — star of his own TV reality shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” — to run a more watchable convention than usual.

    “Beth Myers, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign manager in 2012, was not a Trump supporter during the primaries. But she said Trump knows TV and expects his convention to outshine the Democrats’ in stagecraft and draw millions more viewers than usual.

    “My guess is that the Republican convention will not be a chaotic, contested convention,” she said. “Rather, it will be a production of Trump, Inc., and it will be pretty good live television.”

    “Some of that glitz may not be by choice. Many Republican bigwigs are expected to shun the convention and avoid giving primetime speeches on Trump’s behalf.”

    Source: Stunned Trump foes face diminished options at GOP convention – http://apne.ws/1OaUE16

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