GOP Disintegrating

gop voters

GOP Disintegrating

The GOP’s 24-hour meltdown

Goodbye, Republican Party. And Good Riddance.

GOP Rejecters of Trump

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he will not vote at all in November

Lindsey Graham won’t support Donald Trump, refuses to attend GOP convention –

House Speaker Paul Ryan Refuses to Back Donald Trump

Bush 41, 43 Have No Plans to Endorse Trump 

GOP Supporters of Trump

Gov. Rick Perry will support Trump

Gov. Mike Pence will support Trump   

Dick Cheney supports Donald Trump

David Duke supports Donald Trump

Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump

Political Parties Come and Go

“In the 1850s when the nation became increasingly divided over slavery, a new Republican party formed, primarily to keep slavery quarantined off in the South, while Southern sentiment was for their right to move, with their way of life, into any new territory. Their methods of agriculture and their best cash crops tended to deplete the soil, so that Southerners were among the most aggressive Western expansionists.

The Republican Party, while it also attracted many anti-slavery Democrats, drew off so many Whigs that they effectively killed the Whig party. The Whigs were also badly hurt by the short-lived Native American or Know-Nothing party, which was primarily anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic. This party was strong in urban areas, which had also been a Whig stronghold. The last year the Whigs had a presidential candidate was in 1856.” Read more: The End of the Party –


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