The cultural revolutionaries hate beauty


The cultural revolutionaries hate beauty

“People say sometimes that Beauty is superficial. That may be so. But at least it is not so superficial as Thought is. To me, Beauty is the wonder of wonders. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” ~ Oscar Wilde 

Everything’s the opposite today:

Beauty is ugliness, and ugliness is beauty.

Truths are lies, and lies are truths.

Justice is injustice, and injustice is justice.

The cultural revolution continues. The overthrow of traditional standards of beauty, truth, justice, morality, etc.

University of Washington cheerleader tryout advert.

University of Washington cheerleader tryout advert.

For example:

You’d better not have pretty cheerleaders, because, if you do, you’re guilty of discrimination, hate, sexism, and bigotry…

UW cheerleaders under fire for ‘tryout look’ pic

sunshine copy


Sunshine is the new standard of beauty

Sunshine scores an 18 out of 10 on his math test, because of his privilege points…

“I’m gay, I’m trans*, I’m asian, I’m overweight, I’m lower class, I’m unintelligent, unattractive, I’ve got hairs on my nipples, and I’ve also got body odor, and I can’t really run properly, or tie my shoelaces by myself.” ~ Sunshine (after 4:39 below)


Teen wins beauty pageant by breaking beauty molds

“A metro teen girl won a beauty pageant without the traditional evening gown. She set out to break beauty molds, and did just that…”

Such a politically correct decision. 

Perhaps next year a woman will shave her head and wear a burlap sack?

Concerning beauty, and political correctness… this was one of the more interesting stories of last year…

Photoshopped image of Cindy Crawford

Photoshopped image of Cindy Crawford

A photo of a beautiful woman, Cindy Crawford, was photoshopped in order to make her appear not-so-beautiful.

The politically correct crowd immediately began tripping over one other jumping onto the “You’re Beautiful!” (Even though you’re really not) bandwagon.

Only to discover, later, that Cindy was, in fact, still (really) beautiful.

Rande Gerber Posts The Best Response To Cindy Crawford's Unretouched Photo

Actual image of Cindy Crawford

Read more: Cindy Crawford Finally Discusses That Viral ‘Unretouched’ Lingerie Photo

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  1. Models covered in acne take to the catwalk in bizarre show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

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