Incidents of church vandalism


Church vandalized with satanic symbols

Incidents of church vandalism

Sheriff: Vandals Paint ‘Gay is OK!’, Similar Messages On Church via @wfmy

Another Guilford County Church Vandalized With Pro-Gay Graffiti Over Weekend 

Anti-religion vandals strike again at Midwest City church 

Church shrine hit with satanic graffiti 

Shots Fired into Church in Mobile 

Police investigate ‘religiously biased’ vandalism to church

Alabama Church Vandalized On Thanksgiving 

Man Arrested For Interrupting SC Church Service With Laser Pointer, Broken Crucifix

Statue destroyed outside Catholic Church

Catholic church targeted by vandals

Man arrested after Orleans church damaged

Glass broken, statues damaged in Long Island church vandalism 

Third Livonia church facility vandalized

Police: Camden County Church Vandalized

San Bernardino Church Vandalized with Satanic, Nazi Symbols

Wellsville churches vandalized with satanic symbols


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21 Responses to Incidents of church vandalism

  1. Priest Forgives After Disturbing Case Of Vandalism

    “A disturbing case of vandalism has one priest searching for answers after a statue of Jesus was vandalized at his church.

    “The priest says he’s using this as an opportunity to extend mercy and forgiveness during the holy season.

    “The congregation of the Holy Family Church in Ashland found an upside down cross and the numbers 666 painted on the crucifix outside of their church on Monday.

    “I was kind of hurt,” said Father John Noe.

    “This is the second time the vandals have struck. The same symbol was found painted on a garage on church grounds last week. The string of vandalism has struck a chord of curiosity in Father John Noe…”

    Read more: Priest Forgives After Disturbing Case Of Vandalism

  2. Statue of Virgin Mary defaced Easter eve

    NORWOOD, Mass. — On the eve of the holiest day of the year for the Catholic Church, a vandal defaced a statue at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church. The Virgin Mary statue was spray-painted black, with a symbol at the bottom…” Continue reading: Statue of Virgin Mary defaced Easter eve –

  3. ‘Disturbing’ graffiti desecrates historic San Xavier Mission

    “TUCSON – San Xavier Mission, an iconic symbol of Arizona’s history, was hit overnight by vandals. Black graffiti and Satanic symbols, like ‘666,’ covered the front of the 219-year-old building.

    “The mission’s priest was one of the first to see the damage.

    “When I saw it, my heart just dropped,” said Rev. Edward Sarrazin O.F.M…”

    Continue reading: ‘Disturbing’ graffiti desecrates historic San Xavier Mission

  4. Reward Offered in Sumter Church Vandalism

    Sumter, SC (WLTX)- The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is offering an reward for information in the vandalism of a church.

    Wedgefield Baptist Church in Sumter was broken into over the Memorial Day Weekend according to church goers.

    Vandals busted out windows and sprayed the extinguishers in the classrooms, the auditorium and in the bathrooms.

    Deputies are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or person(s) responsible for more than $20,000 in vandalism.

    Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Sumter County Sheriff”s office at (803) 436-2000 or Crimestoppers at (803) 436-2718.

    Source: Reward Offered in Sumter Church Vandalism

  5. Milwaukee church tagged with graffiti

    MILWAUKEE —Vandals tagged a Lutheran church on Milwaukee’s south side this week, adorning exterior walls with a string of bizarre messages.

    The graffiti on Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, on the 4400 block of South Howell Avenue, near East Layton Avenue, was discovered Wednesday morning.

    One wall was tagged with a message that read, “Satan Helps Rappers. Pray for Girls Please!” “I hate Earth” was written in red spray paint on another wall made of glass.

    Pastor Andrew Nyren said crews would be out on Thursday to cover up the markings. He said he doesn’t know why the church was targeted but said exterior security cameras are being considered.

    “I just hope that whoever did it we’d pray for them,” Nyren said. “We hope that whatever’s going on in their life that they get some help … but also hope it doesn’t happen again to us or anyone else.”

    Most of the cleanup costs will be covered by insurance, but Nyren said the church likely will have to cover a $1,000 deductible.

    Milwaukee police said they’re investigating but had no one in custody as of 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

    Source: Milwaukee church tagged with graffiti

  6. Church, residents express shock and sadness to vandalized Danville church

    “I was brokenhearted at first,” Brian Martin, Christ the King Lutheran Pastor, said. “To think that our place of worship had been desecrated with such language.”

    He says Danville Police called him around 7 a.m. He found graffiti spray painted on his church and learning center. Some saying black power and “BLM” — others too vulgar to mention…

    Read more: Church, residents express shock and sadness to vandalized Danville church

  7. Parishioner: Man ‘Went Berserk’ Inside Historic Denver Church

    DENVER (CBS4) – Parishioners at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Larimer Street in Denver are still cleaning up after an unknown man ransacked the sanctuary.

    On Saturday a man emerged from a hiding spot in the church after a ceremony. He was confronted by a parishioner walking in the sanctuary.

    “He asked him what he was doing here, and that’s when he went berserk and started throwing things through the windows, knocking down statues and making a total mess,” says Ramon Quezada, a parishioner at the church.

    The church was established in 1879 and many of the original stain glass windows that were installed at the church’s founding were destroyed when the suspected threw dishes from the alter.

    Statues were also destroyed before the man kicked his way out of the front door…

    Continue reading: Parishioner: Man ‘Went Berserk’ Inside Historic Denver Church

  8. WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Members of The Journey Church in Wichita spent Saturday cleaning up, after the church was vandalized overnight.

    Church officials say they are not sure how the vandals got inside, but they took fire extinguishers and sprayed them all over the church.

    It caused roughly $3,400 worth of damage.

    The church also said a note was found Thursday with racist remarks against the church, but officials do not believed it was related to the vandalism.

    Wichita church vandalized overnight–398050131.html

  9. 42-year-old statue of saint vandalized in Gonzales

    ASCENSION – A 42-year-old statute of a saint, that stands outside of a church, was vandalized in Ascension Parish.

    The statue was of Saint Mark located at the Saint Mark Catholic Church in Gonzales. Pictures show parts of the statue broken to pieces on the ground.

    The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said that it is believed the incident occurred on Christmas night or early Monday morning.

    Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to call the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office at 621-8300.

    Source: 42-year-old statue of saint vandalized in Gonzales

  10. Jesus statue decapitated twice in two weeks via @fox13

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