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Trump = Republicans = Racists

The Meme: Trump = Republicans = Racists Trump declines to condemn Ku Klux Klan Trump retweets another white supremacist Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK How a Trump win in South Carolina could tear the GOP apart reading

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Black men rob and murder more than any other group in the USA

Although only 13% of the US population, blacks commit more murders (52.2% of total) and robberies (56.4% of total) than any other race in the US. (Source: FBI 2013 Crime Data) FBI 2013 Crime Data –

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Incidents of church vandalism

Incidents of church vandalism Sheriff: Vandals Paint ‘Gay is OK!’, Similar Messages On Church via @wfmy Another Guilford County Church Vandalized With Pro-Gay Graffiti Over Weekend  Anti-religion vandals strike again at Midwest City church  Church shrine hit with … Continue reading

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Whites in Mobile, Alabama deal with black male gun violence epidemic

This is one of those local news stories you will never see in the national news: Police Chief Calls Teen Gun Violence an “Epidemic”

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Beyoncé’s adopted the whiteness standard of beauty

Beyoncé’s adopted the whiteness standard of beauty Every time I see a photo or video of Beyoncé I think the same thought: “She’s pretty… because she looks white.” Beyoncé is currently taking some heat for putting on a pro-black (read= Pro … Continue reading

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