Peoples Temple & Jonestown


Peoples Temple & Jonestown

I’ve had an interest in Jonestown since November 18, 1978. I was in the US Army at the time and, while traveling between duty stations during December 1978, happened to be aboard a USAF C-141 along with dozens of (the bodies of) those who died at Jonestown. The bodies were traveling from Dover AFB to Andrews AFB (where I climbed aboard) to Travis AFB in Northern California, near San Francisco, where most of the dead were from. The Jonestown incident is worth studying. The complete truth about Jonestown has never been told… but, it seems to me, the CIA mass mind control experiment that was Jonestown and Peoples Temple was a success. And that should concern us all…

Jonestown Massacre 30th Anniversary –

Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People –

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple –

apologists  copy

Jim Jones’s Tenured Apologist: Thirty years after Jonestown, Rebecca Moore tries to rehabilitate Peoples Temple –

Jonestown Apologist Alert –

Peoples Temple –

KQED’s A Closer Look: People’s Temple, November 20, 1978

Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple –

FBI Vault – Jonestown –

jonestown money copy

What They Won’t Tell You About Jonestown (Part 1) –

What they won’t Tell You about  Jonestown (Part 2) –

Reconstructing Reality: Conspiracy Theories About Jonestown –

Revisiting the Jonestown tragedy –


The Black Hole of Guyana: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre –

Evidence of Revision: MK ULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre (after 48:30) –

A CIA Experiment in Mass Brainwashing –

The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre, Jim Jones, Suicide or Murder? –

Mae Brussell – Jonestown, CIA Mind Control Experiment Part 1 (12-1-78) –

Mae Brussell – Jonestown, CIA Mind Control Experiment Part 2 (12-08-78) –

Mae Brussell – Jonestown, CIA Mind Control Experiment Part 3 (12-15-78)

Mae Brussell – Index of Jonestown –

What the Media Won’t Tell You: Jim Jones was a CIA Operative Conducting Mind Control Experiments –

Jonestown ( –

Mark Lane and Jonestown –

Mark Lane –

Dan Mitrione – &


Early (mostly white) settlers at Jonestown

“Undetermined” might be an apt descriptor for how [Larry] Schacht, a middle-class, well-educated Jewish man from Houston, wound up in a secluded jungle compound, researching the most effective ways to slaughter men, women and children…” Read more: Jonestown’s Medicine Man –

“Maria Katsaris called Mike Prokes and the two Carter brothers – Tim and Mike Carter – and gave them a suitcase of money along with a letter of instruction to deliver it to the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown…” Read more: The Death of Michael Prokes –

The phrase ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ is completely offensive. We should stop saying it immediately –

In the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Guyana After the Jonestown Massacre – Rolling Stone’s 1979 story piecing together what happened after the tragedy masterminded by Rev. Jim Jones –

“Five survivors of the ‘Jonestown Massacre’ arrived at Andrews on a C-141 from Guyana.” –

“In a morbid tasking in 1978 C-141s from Travis flew to Jonestown, Guyana, to return the remains of more than 900 Peoples Temple Cult members who had committed mass suicide.” –


An unidentified man hooks a strap onto a stack of aluminum coffins for shipment to the United States, following the mass murder deaths of more than 900 members of Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. (Photo by New York Times Co./Neal Boenzi/Getty Images, November 23, 1978)

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