A New Year: 2016

bollard copy

So, it’s a new year! 😀

I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, per se, but I have told myself: This year I will be more positive than negative, regarding my blog — and social media — posts.

I don’t post negative stuff on purpose. It’s just that there happens to be a lot of negative stuff I see in the news, and, sometime, I post about it.

No more!

I’m committed to posting positive news is 2016! 😀

Positive, as far as it goes….

News is rarely positive… it’s usually negative… and, if the news has the potential of becoming positive, I will post it.

If it’s the usual nonsense and foolishness, which we see in the media on a daily basis, I will not post about it.

What can we do to make our society safer? That I will post about!

Such as…

Truck slams into Johnson City liquor store on New Year’s Eve

Why more people aren’t concerned with vehicle into building crashes, I don’t know.

As of now, there seems to be only three of us who are concerned.

 Storefront Safety – http://www.storefrontsafety.org/ @reiter_rob #storefrontcrash 

Anyways… I’ve managed, I believe, to have the Starbucks in Chambersburg, where I live, surrounded with metal bollard posts, which can save lives. And that’s what matters most, to me: saving lives. 😀

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