The Wreaths Across America Scam


The Wreaths Across America Scam

My newsfeed was filled with articles about Wreaths Across America today, and I wondered why.

I commented on a few of the articles, which were posted by various local news channels around the nation, saying: “We already have a day we, as a nation, decorate the graves of veterans: Memorial Day. Plus, we also honor veterans on Veterans Day. We don’t need another day.”

You can probably imagine the firestorm of criticism I got for that sort of comment.

Anyway, it really bothered me that the media was making this day out to be some sort of official (new) day America decorates veteran’s graves.

nat wreath copy

For one thing, we just had Veteran’s Day a month ago. For another thing — and more importantly — we already have a national day of veteran grave decoration: Memorial Day.

Another national decoration day is superfluous. Worse yet, this particular December decoration day turns people’s thoughts away from Jesus and peace, and directs their thoughts instead toward Satan and war.

After responding to a few comments, I decided to look into this Wreaths Across America thing and — lo and behold — I discovered it’s a scam.

The non-profit organization Wreaths Across America was started by a for-profit company that makes and sells wreaths, and 74 percent of every dollar Wreaths Across America spent went to this same for-profit wreath making company. A for-profit family owned company that has family members on the board of Wreaths Across America.

Please read this well researched article, written by Stacy Johnson…

Should You Donate to Wreaths Across America? A Lesson in Charitable Giving

“On Dec. 12, about 900,000 sponsored wreaths will be placed on the graves of veterans by a nonprofit called Wreaths Across America. Every wreath was purchased from the for-profit wreath company that created both the nonprofit and the annual event…”

Continue reading: Should You Donate to Wreaths Across America? A Lesson in Charitable Giving via @moneytalksnews

Wreaths Across America –

Worcester Wreath – 

I never watch television, so I don’t watch Fox News, but, according to Stacy Johnson’s article (above), Fox News has been hyping (and hawking) Wreaths Across America to its vulnerable patriotic viewers for quite some time…

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