The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

52-year-old Gregg Kisic of Highspire. Kisic was fatally injured when his motorcycle was struck in Middletown by a speeding, drunken and unlicensed driver who was being chased by officers from Steelton and Highspire, PA

52 year old Gregg Kisic was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a speeding, drunken, unlicensed driver who was being chased by police officers from Steelton and Highspire, Pennsylvania.

The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

I’ve been against unnecessary police chases for quite some time.

However, it was the needless death of a mother of nine, near where I live, that persuaded me of the criminality of unnecessary police chases, wherein innocent people are injured and killed due to unnecessary police chases:

Innocent mother of nine dies in crash caused by police chasing someone — through town at 120 mph –who was ‘burning rubber’ in a Walmart parking lot –

The police officer, in the case above, should be in prison!

Around here, where I live, the towns are very small. And police will chase people — at 120 mph — for burning rubber in the Walmart parking lot.

This is reckless, and criminal, in my opinion.

The police love to blame the people they’re chasing for these deaths and injuries but, according to the law of cause and effect, the police chases are the cause of these deaths and injuries.

Read the headlines of the articles. “Following police chase” and “After police chase” indicates the cause of the deaths.

No police chase, no deaths.

Cause = police chase; effect = deaths.

Pretty simple.

Police chases kill more people each year than floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning – combined

2 Killed In I-95 Crash Following Police Chase –

Service set for teen killed in crash following police chase

How about police officers getting the license tag numbers of speeders and mailing them a speeding ticket? Instead of chasing them and causing their deaths?

A police chase that ended in a violent crash and injured five people, including a 12-year-old girl, has Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay revising the department’s policy on pursuing drivers who flee. WPXI Pamela Osborne is reviewing the changes and will have more from the crash caught on camera — tonight on Channel 11 News…

Two people die in a crash after being chased by police in Dickson… for a cigarette butt being thrown from the window – 

Prichard Police Investigate Deadly Chase

High-speed police chases have killed thousands of innocent bystanders

The Case for Banning High-Speed Police Chases

Police conduct was ‘extreme and outrageous’ in chase that ended in crash…

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33 Responses to The Deadly Danger of Unnecessary Police Chases

  1. Gastonia police say a larceny at Target led to the pursuit that killed a 62-year-old woman Saturday evening… Police chase turns deadly in Gaston County via @WCNC

  2. Infant among 3 killed in North Versailles police chase crash; 3 others injured

    “NORTH VERSAILLES, Pa. – Three people are dead, including an infant, and three others were taken to a hospital Thursday after a police chase ended in a fiery crash on Route 30 in North Versailles, Allegheny County police said…”

    Read more: Infant among 3 killed in North Versailles police chase crash; 3 others injured via @WPXI

  3. Anonymous says:

    tell the bad guy to COMPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HEARTBREAKING: A 13-year-old girl was killed and her grandmother critically injured when their car was struck by an SUV that was fleeing police on a theft of beer…

  5. 2 girls died after NC trooper tries to spin-out fleeing van; investigation deepens

    The State Bureau of Investigation has opened a criminal use-of-force investigation into an N.C. Highway Patrol trooper’s attempt to stop a fleeing vehicle in Union County that ended in a crash last week, killing two teenage girls.

    Trooper D. A. Motsinger, an eight-year veteran assigned to Union County, attempted a “precise immobilization technique,” known as a PIT maneuver, to stop a speeding Dodge minivan whose driver refused to pull over on March 28.

    Authorities have said the van left U.S. 74 just across the Anson County line and flipped several times. Three of the four teenagers inside were thrown from the vehicle.

    The results of the SBI investigation will be reported to the local prosecutor, who will decide whether the trooper’s use of force to stop the van was justified, spokeswoman Patty McQuillan said.

    The PIT maneuver is an intentional collision by the trooper with the fleeing vehicle. It’s designed to lift the rear wheels off the pavement and make the vehicle spin out.

    Experts say the move can be very effective, but note that minivans are top-heavy and have small tires, making them more likely to flip.

    Highway Patrol policy on forced vehicle stops says the maneuver should not be used unless the officer “reasonably believes there are no children or other innocent passengers occupying the violator vehicle.”

    The SBI said all four occupants of the van, including its driver, were 15…

    Continue reading here:

  6. A child and another person were killed when the car they were in crashed in New Orleans East during a chase with Louisiana State Police… Read more: Three dead, including child, after police chase through N.O. via @WLTX

  7. 5 dead in NC crash involving stolen car chased by deputy, officials say

    GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP/WNCN)– Five people are dead after a vehicle being chased by a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy slammed into a passing car, killing everyone in both vehicles early Sunday… Continue reading: 5 dead in NC crash involving stolen car chased by deputy, officials say

  8. Raleigh family hopes teen daughter’s death changes high-speed police pursuit policies

    RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – They’re eye-catching, dramatic and unexpected – high-speed chases between criminals and police.

    But it’s the people caught in the middle – such as Erieyana Holloway from Raleigh – that’s bringing a sharper focus to the risks these pursuits create when the rubber meets the road.

    “I miss her so much,” Sherry Holloway-Burks said in a hushed voice, shaking her head with her eyes closed and a tear-streaked face.

    For Holloway-Burks, it’s a pain no parent ever wants to feel – the loss of a child…

    Continue reading: Raleigh family hopes teen daughter’s death changes high-speed police pursuit policies via @wncn

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