Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party


Latest meme: Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party

I’ve been avoiding writing about Donald Trump, because I think it should be obvious to everyone he is on a mission to tar and feather the GOP as the party of xenophobia, racism, and hate.

I write about it today only because, by now, this should be obvious to anyone but the most committed Trump supporter, who is in a state of psychological denial and is engaged in wishful thinking.

Trump is providing fodder for the media, so that Hillary will win…

POLITICO: GOP CHAOS: House, Senate fear big losses if Trump tops ticket!

SIREN – “Republicans fear Trump could jeopardize control of Congress ,” by Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer: “With the Iowa caucuses just 55 days away, Republicans are beginning to see Trump as a dire threat to their majorities on Capitol Hill. … From vulnerable senators to top party officials, the fear is palpable and bursting into public view. Congressional Republicans face a tough 2016 landscape even without Trump. Senate Republicans are clinging to a four-seat majority as they defend 24 seats versus just 10 for Democrats. And House Republicans are expecting to lose roughly a dozen seats in 2016.

“Trump’s rhetoric, they fear, could cause those losses to grow substantially. … [T]he party is seemingly powerless to stop his stubborn lead in most polls. Many congressional Republicans have been hesitant to criticize him, cognizant of his appeal to the populist elements of the party. … [A]s long as he remains a force in the nomination fight, other Republicans are forced to respond to his rhetoric instead of spending time criticizing … Hillary Clinton.”

— “GOP struggles to escape Trump trap: Republicans condemn their poll leader but don’t lift pledge to support his nomination, should he win it,” by Politico’s Eli Stokols: “They can’t snatch away his campaign cash or limit his media exposure; they can’t keep him off ballots. The party brass can’t reason with Trump and can’t afford to alienate him to the point that he runs an independent. And they must swallow the reality that many self-identifying Republicans prefer Trump’s nativism and bombast to their more mainstream, inclusive style of conservatism.”

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Joe Biden predicts that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president, Hillary Clinton “wins in a walk.”


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The 15 most offensive things that have come out of Trump’s mouth

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“To begin with the obvious point: what Donald Trump is saying clearly is in line with the sentiments of a majority of GOP primary voters, so it is nonsense to declaim that it is not who the Republican party is…” Read more: Media Abets Trump’s Shock-Jock Statesmanship

Eyeing 13th Amendment, Obama Rebukes Trump

“Donald Trump’s supporters turn out to be… 55 percent white working-class, many of them males from age 50 to 64, without college degrees…” Continue reading: Trump and the Joys of Hatred


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5 Responses to Trump is Hitler and the GOP is the Nazi Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    somebody Spelt ‘Fuhrer’ wrong

  2. John Brown says:

    somebody Spelt ‘Fuhrer’ wrong

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