5 Month-Old Girl Shot and Killed in Cleveland

Aavielle Wakefield

Aavielle Wakefield

Aavielle Wakefield, a 5-month-old girl, died in a shooting Thursday on Cleveland’s east side.

There is no national outrage. President Obama will not be speaking about it. There is no Twitter hashtag campaign. And Black Lives Matter has no interest in it.

Only her family, their friends and neighbors, and local officials are concerned about the violent death of little Aavielle Wakefield. They know she’s not the first young victim of violence in their city, and they know she’s not the last. Although they would very much like for her to be the last.

Aavielle Wakefield | 5-month-old girl dies in shooting on Cleveland’s east side https://shar.es/17QFQT via @wews

Police Chief Williams reaction to shooting death of 5 month old https://youtu.be/2s7SESygAn4 via @YouTube

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams reacts to the murder of 5 month old https://youtu.be/XkCcC6U-CiI via @YouTube


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