Reporter Charnice Milton Murdered in SE DC

Charnice Milton

Charnice Milton

Reporter Charnice Milton Murdered in SE DC

D.C. journalist killed in shooting via @YouTube

CCN Reporter Charnice Milton Murdered

“Last night, the District’s press corp lost one of its own. Capital Community News (CCN) reporter Charnice Milton was tragically gunned down in an apparently random shooting near Good Hope Road at 9:40 p.m. as she was returning from covering the monthly meeting of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee.

“Charnice Milton was born on June 19, 1987 to Franice Milton. She lived with her mother in Benning Heights in Ward 7. A graduate of Ball State, she earned a Master’s from Syracuse.

“Charnice began working as a reporter for CCN in August of 2012. Her first assignments involved the nuts and bolts of community journalism. She reported on activities of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and other public meetings. She soon branched out to profiles and reviewing museum exhibits.

“Charnice was a talented reporter with an engaging manner that endeared her to her sources. She was a valued member of the CCN news team completing several assignments a month. This organization will miss her contributions as will the communities of Wards 6, 7 and 8.”

Source: CCN Reporter Charnice Milton Murdered | Capital Community News

ANC 6C Mourns The Loss of Charnice Milton

“ANC6C lost a good friend in the passing of Charnice Milton. Charnice had reported on ANC6C meetings for several years and covered several of our projects. We understand one of her last contributions is due to be published in the Hill Rag’s June edition regarding Councilmember Charles Allen’s meeting in May about the effort to make Maryland Avenue more safe.

“Charnice was a good reporter, obsessed with accuracy, and worked hard to improve our community — it was not unusual to receive emails from Charnice with a timestamp well after business hours. Charnice was always cheerful, and her smiling face in the first row during our ANC meetings will greatly missed. Our community is better for her efforts, and reduced by her passing. Thanks Charnice for your friendship and service.”

Source: ANC 6C Mourns The Loss of Charnice Milton | Capital Community News v

On The Death of Charnice Milton


“I am saddened by the news of the untimely passing of Charnice A. Milton. This is a great loss to Ward 7 as Charnice was not only a resident, but was actively involved with her community through her work as a journalist.

“Charnice grew up in the Fairfax Village neighborhood and most recently lived in the Ft. Davis community. She attended Anne Beers Elementary and went on to accomplish many goals in her 27 years. Despite some challenges, Charnice received a full scholarship to attend Ball State University. She also received her Master’s from Syracuse University. She was an extraordinary young woman that had a passion for issues that affected not only Ward 7, but every community that lies East of the Anacostia River.

“Her work as a reporter for the East of the River Magazine was stellar as she kept readers informed and interested in learning more about what she covered. Regularly covering community meetings, she touched the lives of many as she become familiar with many ANC commissioners, civic association leaders and residents.

“My prayers are with her mother, Francis Milton and her entire family. Charnice will be greatly missed.”

Source: On The Death of Charnice Milton | Capital Community News

Press conference on the death of Charnice Milton via @YouTube

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7 Responses to Reporter Charnice Milton Murdered in SE DC

  1. Charnice Milton (1987-2015): The Community Reporter

    “We used to go to Port City Java to sit and talk,” recalled mother Francine Milton. “I happened to be going past one day, and I noticed the Capital Community News (CCN) office nearby. I told Charnice about it and she decided to visit,” she continued. “The next day I was surprised when she told me that she was going to be a reporter for CCN.”

    “I remember that day in early August of 2012. A well-dressed young woman knocked on the door of my office, resume in hand, and asked if she could become a writer for our two community newspapers, The Hill Rag and East of the River. For the next three years I served as Charnice’s mentor, watching her grow from a cub reporter into a thoughtful journalist who authored over a hundred stories.

    “On May 27, 2015, Charnice was returning home from her monthly assignment covering a meeting of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee on Capitol Hill. While she was changing buses on the 2700 block of Good Hope Rd. SE, shots rang out. A gunman on a dirt bike had fired at a group of bike riders. Charnice was fatally wounded in the crossfire. Early the next morning my cell phone rang. A homicide detective informed me of Charnice’s death, and asked if any of the stories she had done for our newspapers had put her in harm’s way.

    “Charnice’s stories had not earned her a bullet. Rather, they had won her the respect and gratitude of the residents of Wards 6, 7, and 8. In subsequent days I received a stream of emails and dozens of phone calls from people touched by her reporting and saddened by her murder. These readers saw their own struggles and lives unfold in her careful narratives. Each one she touched treasured her words…”

    Continue reading: Charnice Milton (1987-2015): The Community Reporter | Capital Community News

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