NeoCatholic blogger DEFENDS dousing the homeless with a sprinkler system


NeoCatholic blogger DEFENDS dousing the homeless with a sprinkler system

“Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” ~ Jesus (Matthew 8:10)

Have you seen the news about the Catholic Church in San Francisco that douses homeless people with a sprinkler system in order to run them off?

Most people, myself included, consider this a very UN-CHRISTIAN thing to do.

I mean, What Would Jesus Do?

As someone who has slept on the doorsteps of numerous Catholic (and other) churches myself, I found this news particularly disturbing:

SF Archdiocese Apologizes For Dousing Church Homeless: via @YouTube

But some people, who are supposedly Christians, think the sprinklers are (or were) a great idea…

NeoCatholic blogger Kathy Schiffer recently wrote an amazingly pathetic, out-of-touch, and un-Christian article wherein she actually DEFENDS the SF Archdiocese (former) practice of dousing the homeless with a sprinkler system:

“Let’s stop to consider another part of the story, the Rights (and yes, the Responsibilities) of the Poor. Why in the world would homeless people feel entitled to sleep wherever they want, and be damned anyone who tried to stop them?

“My local Target store has nice, wide doors through which shoppers can easily push their carts laden with groceries and goods.

“But imagine this: Some local families, unable to afford housing any longer, move to the doorway of Target. They bring sleeping bags, a change of clothing, snacks in paper bags. There’s no outhouse or lavatory available, and when you gotta go, you gotta go! –so they defecate in the doorway before heading out to beg on the street later in the day.

“Would Target permit them to stay, in the interest of helping the poor? NO WAY! And if they did, customers would be right to be seriously concerned, and would take their business elsewhere.

“Because doorways are not for sleeping. Doorways are for passing through…”

Read more: San Francisco’s Unwashed “Masses”: Better Safe Than Soggy –

Guess what Kathy? Catholic Churches aren’t Target Stores!

Guess what else?  Instead of dousing them with water, the church could have had porta-potties placed on the grounds for the homeless to use.

Guess what else? Instead of dousing the homeless with water, the church could have offered food, clothes, a place to stay in the church, a hot shower, laundry services, haircuts, and a hot meal each morning.

Being a follower of Jesus means being willing to serve others.

That means you don’t douse people in need with water in order to run them off.

Neither do you write articles defending such a heartless practice.


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