Angry Anti-Theist Murders Religious Family

Craig Hicks - Angry Anti-Theist

Craig Hicks – Angry Anti-Theist

Angry Anti-Theist Murders Religious Family

#ChapelHillShooting: Hate crime or parking fight?: via @YouTube

Chapel Hill triple murder suspect says he felt insulted, judged by religion


“A neighbor of a Chapel Hill man charged with fatally shooting three Muslim students Tuesday night described him as “very angry,” and many in their community were frightened by him.

“Chapel Hill police officers arrested 46-year-old Craig Stephen Hicks on Tuesday on first-degree murder charges in connection with the deaths of Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha.

“The three, who were students at UNC and N.C. State, were shot to death at the Finley Forest Condominiums on Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill.

“Hicks’ neighbor, Samantha Maness, said that while she was surprised by the murders, she suspected the perpetrator may have been Hicks when she heard the news.

“As a neighborhood, we’ve had a lot of problems with him,” Maness said. “He is angry.

He’s always pretty angry about something, and he likes to complain about parking in this lot — even though he has two spaces for his house.”

“Chapel Hill police said the fatal shootings may have been the results of an ongoing parking dispute. Maness said that in addition to parking, Hicks also complained about noise in the community.

“Sometimes when I would pull in, he would come out the door and say, ‘Your music is too loud. Can you turn it down?’ Things like that,” Maness said.

“She said during many of the interactions she witnessed in the apartment complex, Hicks “was very angry anytime I saw him.” Still, she said she never imagined that the anger would escalate to violence.

“I think it’s terrible — it’s scary,” she said. “I don’t want to think it could have happened to anyone, but I think it could. He was usually upset with people living in this area.”

“While Maness said many in their community feared Hicks, a spokesman for Durham Technical Community College described a man who was an “exemplary student.”

“Durham Tech spokesman Carver Weaver said Hicks enrolled in 2012 and was seeking three certificates in paralegal studies. Weaver said he had a nearly 3.9 GPA.

“On social media, Hicks presented a person who felt spurred by religion, describing himself as an ordained atheist minister, while also identifying with anti-theism, a belief that opposes all forms of religion.

“Many of his promote equality for all and anti-religious support. He also posted a picture of a revolver saying, “Yes, that is 1 pound 5.1 ounces for my loaded 38 revolver, its holster, and five extra rounds in a speedloader.”

“I give your religion as much respect as your religion gives me,” Hicks wrote. “There’s nothing complicated about it, and I have every right to insult a religion that goes out of its way to insult, to judge and to condemn me as an inadequate human being — which your religion does with self-righteous gusto.”

“He continued, “When it comes to insults, your religion started this, not me. If your religion kept its big mouth shut, so would I. But given that it doesn’t, and given the enormous harm that your religion has done in this world, I’d say that I have not only a right, but a duty, to insult it, as does every rational, thinking person on this planet.

“Because the moment that your religion claims any kind of jurisdiction over my experience, you insult me on a level that you can’t even begin to comprehend. Even if your beliefs had substance, the arrogance of that would be insult enough. But the fact that they have no substance, and are merely a transparent raft of delusions and lies, magnifies the insult enormously.”

“Although police said the fatal shootings may be related to a parking dispute, police are also investigating the possibility that the murders were “hate-motivated.”

“While Hicks’ personal comments on Facebook are not directed at the single religion or person, the father of sisters Abu-Salha and Mohammad said their murders were a “hate crime.”

“That’s how hate works,” Mohammad Abu-Salha told WNCN.

“In addition to attending Durham Tech, Hick’s Facebook profile indicated he was employed at Harris Teeter for several years.

“Hicks appeared before a judge Wednesday morning in Durham. He was issued no bond and given a public defender.

“His next court appearance will be on March 4.”

Source: Chapel Hill triple murder suspect says he felt insulted, judged by religion (emphasis added):

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Victims- From left, Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19

Victims- From left, Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19

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