Charlie Hebdo, Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

Freedom of Speech

Charlie Hebdo, Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

Michael Hoffman is doing some good reporting on the cartoon blasphemy, free speech hypocrisy, and double standards surrounding the Charlie Hebdo shooting…

Cartoon Blasphemy of Holocaustianity Damned by the West

“Hot air windbags throughout the West are today proclaiming their defiant support for “blasphemy” of religion of the kind the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists specialized in with regard to Islam (and as we showed in yesterday’s blog—  occasionally with regard to Judaism too —  but the media are loath to reveal this fact about “Charlie”)…”

Read more: Cartoon Blasphemy of Holocaustianity Damned by the West:

Two men in Britain jailed for distributing satirical “Tales of the Holohoax” cartoons

“One grows weary of pointing to the disparity between how “Holocaust” revisionists and Muslim haters are treated in the media and the courts both legal and of public opinion. Kurt Westergaard, the artist who drew the anti-Mohammed cartoon in Denmark is a hero of the European Union. His “freedom of expression” is jealously guarded, and used as a pedagogic tool for hammering Muslims concerning the glories of modern Western human rights’ standards. When Muslims respond that the Danish cartoon was bigoted and racist, they are dismissed as backward peasants from Neanderthal societies who have yet to learn the rudiments of Enlightenment tolerance…”

“Tales of the Holohoax” (.pdf) –

Read more: “Tales of the Holohoax” and Denmark’s anti-Muslim cartoons… Satire demonized and criminalized in Britain:

remote control bombing of Gaza

Cartoon about Gaza denounced as “anti-Semitic” and retracted by newspaper

“An influential Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, has retracted and said it was “wrong” to publish a July 26 cartoon about Gaza that ignited howls of outrage from Zionists. In an August 3 editorial, the Herald denounced its own cartoon, saying that it “invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment.” The cartoon, by Glen Le Lievre, depicted “an elderly man, with a large nose, sitting alone, with a remote control device in his hand, overseeing explosions in Gaza,” according to the newspaper.  His armchair had a Star of David on it, “and the man was wearing a kippah, a religious skullcap.”

“Initially, the newspaper defended the cartoon, explaining that Le Lievre’s drawing was inspired by “news photographs of men seated in chairs and lounges, observing the shelling of Gaza.”

“The Herald’s initial defense was correct. As Harriet Sherwood reports (below), Israelis did indeed gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as their military dropped bombs on Gaza: “Israelis drank, snacked and posed for selfies” against a background of explosions in civilian areas…”

Read more: Cartoon about Gaza denounced as “anti-Semitic” and retracted by newspaper –

See also: “Cartoon blasphemy” links –

Bishop Richard Williamson charged with Holocaust denial

“In 1988, Williamson was one of four SSPX priests who were illicitly ordained as bishops by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for which they incurred automatic excommunication. The validity of the excommunication is disputed by the SSPX who say that the ordinations were necessary due to a crisis in the Catholic Church. The excommunications, including that of Williamson, were lifted on 21 January 2009, but the suspension of the bishops from the exercise of ministry within the Catholic Church remained in force.

“Immediately afterwards, Swedish television broadcast an interview recorded earlier at the SSPX’s Seminary in Zaitzkofen, Germany. During the interview, Bishop Williamson had expressed a belief that Nazi Germany did not use gas chambers during the Holocaust and that a total of between 200,000 and 300,000 Jews were killed. Based upon these statements, the Bishop was immediately charged with and convicted of Holocaust denial by a German court…”

Read more: Richard Williamson (bishop) – 

VIDEO – Criminalized Speech: Bishop Richard Williamson on Holocaust – 2008: via @YouTube

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5 Responses to Charlie Hebdo, Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

  1. Conspiracy Theorists Blame Israel for Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris via @tabletmag

  2. “The vast bulk of the stirring “free speech” tributes over the last week have been little more than an attempt to protect and venerate speech that degrades disfavored groups while rendering off-limits speech that does the same to favored groups, all deceitfully masquerading as lofty principles of liberty. In response to my article containing anti-Jewish cartoons on Monday – which I posted to demonstrate the utter selectivity and inauthenticity of this newfound adoration of offensive speech – I was subjected to endless contortions justifying why anti-Muslim speech is perfectly great and noble while anti-Jewish speech is hideously offensive and evil (the most frequently invoked distinction – “Jews are a race/ethnicity while Muslims aren’t” – would come as a huge surprise to the world’s Asian, black, Latino and white Jews, as well as to those who identify as “Muslim” as part of their cultural identity even though they don’t pray five times a day). As always: it’s free speech if it involves ideas I like or attacks groups I dislike, but it’s something different when I’m the one who is offended…”

    Read more: France Arrests a Comedian For His Facebook Comments, Showing the Sham of the West’s “Free Speech” Celebration:

  3. Mark Dankof on the Charlie Hebdo Affair for the Rasa News Agency of Iran

    “Mark Dankof: It is important to remember what Pat Buchanan told us all last week: The Charlie Hebdo publication in France was also insulting and blaspheming every version of orthodox Christianity when it depicted the God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, as being involved in an incestuous sexual relationship. Who has a vested interest in blaspheming both Christianity and Islam as part of a world-wide ideological and political game plan? Clearly, it is the global Zionist network which desires to assert the Talmudic doctrine of Jewish racial supremacy on a global basis, and to convince comatose Westerners that their primary enemy in the world is Islam, and not the Zionist hijacking of their own banking system, culture, government, media, and educational establishments. The Frankfurt School and its Institute of Social Research which destroyed the older Christian civilizations in the West in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) by subverting Europe and the United States with pornography, sexual perversion including the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual) agenda, and the abortion/euthanasia industries, is working its demonic magic through all kinds of Jewish-funded media outlets and NGOs to solidify its hold on the Western world, even as it also seeks the subversion of the Islamic societies and Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Eric Margolis concedes that the Charlie Hebdo publication is financed by Rothschild banking interests in France. Simply follow the trail of the money…”

    Continue reading: Mark Dankof on the Charlie Hebdo Affair for the Rasa News Agency of Iran via @wordpressdotcom

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