John Hagee’s Anti-Christian Judeolatry

Zionist John Hagee

Zionist John Hagee

John Hagee’s Anti-Christian Judeolatry

Written by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

“This is Part 1 of a three part review of Hagee’s very confused, very popular book on Israel: John Hagee, In Defense of Israel: The Bible’s Mandate for Supporting the Jewish State (Lake Mary, Flo.: FrontLine, 2007).

“This book was written by New York Times best-selling author John Hagee, pastor of a 19,000 member megachurch in San Antonio. It presents the argument that the Christian Church is biblically obligated to support the political state of Israel on the basis of its fulfillment of biblical prophecy (pp. 84-85) and for the well-being of America (p. 84). It is virtually a hagiography for the Jews which borders on Judeolatry. Hagee almost implies that the Jews and Israel can do no wrong, for he does (as we shall see) call upon Christians to support them as we do God himself: unconditionally.

“As I begin this review I have two confessions to make: (1) I had never read a Hagee book before, and (2) I never will again. This work presents dispensationalism gone to seed. The fact that he is a widely popular, multi-million selling, and influential Christian writer demonstrates the tragedy that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6).

“Hagee presents his argument so vigorously that he effectively demands that we as Christians and America as a nation are obligated by Scripture itself to support the modern political state of Israel in anything it does. For instance, on the back cover he boasts of his “twenty-six years of unconditional support of Israel and the Jewish people.”

“He demands that “every Christian in America has a biblical mandate to stand in absolute solidarity with Israel” (p. 84, emph. mine) because “we are commanded to love [the Jews] unconditionally” (p. 92). These levels of obligation should be reserved only for obedience to God himself. As Hagee admits regarding his first trip to Israel: “We went as tourists and came home as Zionists” (p. 12)…”

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Hagee Heresy: via @YouTube

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4 Responses to John Hagee’s Anti-Christian Judeolatry

  1. craig crawford says:

    i think hagee’s wife is a mexican jew. there are a lot of them. they moved to mexico a long time ago when the king of spain supposedly kicked the jews out of spain. called morranos i believe. some of them pretend to be catholics etc. she carries on like she is a latina but i think she is a crypto. which might explain (at least partially perhaps) why he is so pro israel. who knows.

    on another side note

    the caterwauling coming from mike piper continues on, whining about all the criticism he got and continues to get over his stance on sandy hook et al. while i am very sorry he got fired and kicked out the door over at the american free press and his subsequent serious health issues, nevertheless i know what he said and what i heard and there is no way he can cover his arse on this issue.

    now this

    maybe piper and his butt buddies over at TUT and other ass kissers , can take a long hard look at this documentary and explain to me again about some jew named cass sunstein……..

    • I think MCP was correct, in his most recent book (False Flags), about the “crisis actor hoax” meme. This meme is totally created by the powers that be, in order to discredit “Truthers” and it’s working like a charm. I don’t know who MCP pissed off at AFP but I think he’s correct about the “crisis actor hoax” meme being a government operation.

  2. Vickie Jacobs says:

    Great work A.J. Have posted some of your articles on facebook. Have also over 800 scriptures proving that the churches are worshipping the wrong Israel of the bible.
    Keep up the good work.

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