Euphemisms & Euthanasia


Death: The Grim Reaper

Euphemisms & Euthanasia

“The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” ~ Jesus (John 10:10)

I like words. Maybe that’s why I’m a writer? Or maybe I like words because I’m a writer? Or maybe both? I liked words when I was a kid… and I wasn’t a writer then… so I’ll say I’m a writer because I like words.

A good exercise in word usage and propaganda is to retitle a news story. I do this often, simply in order to decode what is being presented to me by the media. This exercise is very educational. You should try it the next time you’re reading the news headlines. Read the title, and then think about how it might be titled differently, were the media actually interested in telling the truth, instead of pushing propaganda.

Titles are important, and writers, especially in the news media, are always very careful to title articles so that a particular perception of events will be instilled in the reader via the title alone, since the title of a news article is all many (most?) people will ever read.


When a particular action is evil, the people who defend such an action will always resort to using a euphemism, which make an evil and dishonorable action sound like a good and honorable action.

By substituting a pleasant word for an ugly word, which describes an evil action, people can make evil sound good… and they can also make good sound evil.

This happens all the time, especially with so-called “hot button” issues.

For example, people will use euphemisms whenever they’re talking about ugly, deadly subjects, such as war, suicide, and abortion.

The word “war” has very negative connotations. The word “peacekeeping” sounds much better.

The word “suicide” has negative connotations. The word “euthanasia” sounds better.

“Abortion” is bad. “Choice” is good.   

See what I mean?

It’s perception management, public relations, and advertising.

Death is not pretty. I’ve seen many people die and there’s nothing good about it.

Killing yourself, or having someone help you to kill yourself, is never a good idea.

Suicide is an evil act that destroys a human life. 


Oh, but euthanasia is different you say? Euthanasia is death with dignity! Right?

But I say suicide is never good. Suicide is always evil.

But the word “euthanasia” doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Not as bad as “suicide” anyway.

And the term “death with dignity”? Well, who would not want people to die with dignity? Right?

As I said… I’ve seen many people die. I can assure you, there is one time in our lives that we will be at our most undignified, and that will be the time of our deaths.

Death is never good… and it is never dignified… no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

Perhaps the “death with dignity” advocates chose to use this term because they knew, for a fact, that death is our most undignified moment? Perhaps the “death with dignity” advocates are too full of pride to allow someone to see them pissing and shitting on themselves? Even when people are willing to be of service to them, keeping them clean, comfortable, and pain free during their time of need? Our pride is the root of all our other sins.

I know how these “death with dignity” people are… they are God haters, for the most part… they are the captains of their fates… the masters of their souls… they think. They will not serve God nor do they need anyone to serve them. This is pride.

Back to Euphemisms…

The “death with dignity” advocates who (apparently) got their claws into poor Brittany Maynard are (apparently) associated with a group called “Compassion & Choices” a euphemistic name (if there ever was one) for a pathetic group of people who encourage people who are ill to kill themselves. A better name might be “Heartless Fatalists”.   

compassion & choices copy

“Compassion & Choices” has this creepy logo, and, between the creepy logo and the euphemistic name, I’m reminded of the movie “Soylent Green”… and the euthanasia clinic Sol went to in order to get help committing suicide….

Soylent Green (1973) – Euthanasia Poetic Scene: via @YouTube

Sadly, there are, today, millions of people who, having watched this scene from “Soylent Green”, would say: “That’s a great idea! We should do that!”

I saw “Soylent Green” in the theater, when I was about twelve or thirteen years old and, I can assure you, most people in those days thought euthanasia was a bad idea.

The reason we, in those days, thought this scene was a creepy scene was because 1) we knew suicide, or euthanasia, was evil; and 2) we knew suicide, or euthanasia, could one day become a reality, when it was turned from an evil into a good by a morally corrupt society.

We’re fast approaching that morally corrupt society…

Compassion & Choices

“Compassion & Choices is the leading nonprofit organization committed to helping everyone have the best death possible. We offer free counseling, planning resources, referrals and guidance, and across the nation we work to protect and expand options at the end of life.

“For over thirty years we have reduced people’s suffering and given them some control in their final days – even when injury or illness takes their voice. We are experts in what it takes to die well.”

See: Compassion & Choices: Who We Are –

Perhaps it was the people associated with Compassion & Choices who talked Brittany “off the ledge” of wanting to live? When she changed her mind about suicide?


October 30, 2014 – Brittany Maynard changes her mind about dying Nov. 1 after finishing bucket list

“[Brittany] Maynard and her family moved to Oregon, which is one of only five states where terminally ill patients have the option to end their own lives using a prescribed medication. Earlier in October, she announced that she planned to die on Saturday, Nov. 1, two days after her husband’s birthday.

“In a new video released Wednesday on The Brittany Maynard Fund website, she stepped back from that date, saying she hasn’t decided when she’ll end her life, but she’s determined to do it before she becomes too sick to die with dignity…”

Read more: Brittany Maynard changes her mind about dying Nov. 1 after finishing bucket list –

October 30, 2014 – VIDEO – Brittany Maynard – A New Video for my Friends: via @YouTube

November 3, 2014 – As Planned, Right-To-Die Advocate Brittany Maynard Ends Her Life

“Brittany Maynard, who was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor, went through with her plan to end her life on Saturday [Nov. 1] at her home in Oregon.

“Maynard, who spoke publicly about her choice to end her life, revived the debate of assisted suicide in the United States.

In an obituary posted to her site on Sunday night, Maynard is said to have had a “brief but solid 29 years.” This past year, she was diagnosed with a stage 4 malignant brain tumor…”

Read more: As Planned, Right-To-Die Advocate Brittany Maynard Ends Her Life –

Poor Brittany 😦

I can only imagine what may have actually happened… behind the scenes…

October 30: (At Compassion & Choices HQ) “Have you seen the fucking news?! Brittany’s changed her mind! Now she says she’s not going through with it on Saturday! What the fuck is wrong with her?! This was supposed to be a done deal! Someone needs to go to her house NOW and tell her there’s NO HOPE for her! Tell her she’s only going to get sicker! Tell her she HAS to go through with this just as we planned! Jesus Christ! It was that goddamn last minute publicity stunt at the Grand Canyon that blew the whole fucking thing! Well, we need to fix this and we need to fix this NOW! Fuck it, I’ll go over there myself tomorrow… first thing in the morning! And she’d better change her fucking mind! Grrrrr!”

October 31 (At Brittany’s house) – “Brittany, honey, I know this is difficult for you but if you don’t do this now you’ll only get sicker as time goes by. Remember what we talked about? How it’s better to die BEFORE we get too sick? I know you’re feeling okay now… I mean, jeez, you just went to the Grand Canyon with your family! I know you’re having second thoughts… who wouldn’t? That’s to be expected at a time like this. But if you don’t go through with this tomorrow, just as we planned, and just as we told everyone you would, you will only become sicker… and sicker…. I can assure you… and then it will be too late. You need to go now, while you still feel okay. That’s the whole point of dying with dignity. Remember? You can’t wait until you’re actually dying…. you have to do it now, while you’re still feeling okay. Okay?”

November 1: (At Compassion & Choices HQ) “Fuck yeah! We’re back on schedule! Damn I’m good! Let’s get those new press releases emailed out right away! Today is Brittany’s last day again! Woohoo!” (Applause).

“The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” ~ Jesus (John 10:10)

jesus restoring life to a little girl

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6 Responses to Euphemisms & Euthanasia

  1. Man with brain cancer offers message of hope

    “A terminally ill woman from Oregon chose to end her life following the “Death with Dignity Act” after finding out she had a progressive brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme. Brittany Maynard died this weekend after expressing her desire to end her life on her own terms.

    “A Region 8 man has taken a much different approach. He has the same form of brain cancer. He has lived with it for thirteen years. Doctors told him, “it was glioblastoma, and four doctors came in and said Mr. Williams, we are sorry. You’ve only got 6 months to a year to live.”

    “Thirteen years later, David Williams is still alive. He said he trusted his doctors, but couldn’t believe he would die. He had two brain surgeries and undergoes chemotherapy. He takes 3,000 milligrams of medication a day and hasn’t given up his fight.

    “Williams said, “We look at things that happen as bad, when we can actually look at them as a blessing. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without the cancer…”

    Continue reading: Man with brain cancer offers message of hope – Toledo News Now, Breaking News, Weather, Sports, Toledo

  2. Brittany Maynard’s suicide: A free choice or an expectation?

    “…As writer Lisa Miller put it in a recent article for New York Magazine: “she has risen to the status of a martyr-saint.”

    “On my Facebook feed and on Twitter, in articles passed around friend-to-friend, I’ve watched Maynard be called courageous, inspirational, an angel; she is resting with the stars, her admirers say.”

    “But the circumstances of her death have several experts and others questioning: exactly how free was Brittany in her decision, with a major advocacy group packaging her image and story for their own purposes?

    “(Compassion and Choices) might have in some way encouraged her or helped her, to make it a much more public event, in order to pressure the society to have the laws change,” said Rev. Dr. Joseph Tham, the Dean of Bioethics with the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

    “I wouldn’t say they exploited her, but in some way there must have been some kind of push in that direction,” he said. “These groups are active in terms of finding people who are vulnerable in some way, and in making the case public to push an agenda.”

    “Andrea Virdis, doctor of philosophy and doctor of research in bioethics at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, said the first video released by Maynard seemed like a marketing ploy…”

    Read more: Brittany Maynard’s suicide: A free choice or an expectation? –

  3. Assisted suicide compromise: Column via @usatoday

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