Stop the hero worship of veterans

Blind Patriotism

Blind Patriotism

Stop the hero worship of veterans

“As a veteran, I’m tired of being blindly celebrated. Good intentions aren’t a substitute for good politics.” ~ Rory Fanning

This is an important article written by Army veteran Rory Fanning…

Stop thanking me for my service

“Last week, in a quiet indie bookstore on the north side of Chicago, I saw the latest issue of Rolling Stone resting on a chrome-colored plastic table a few feet from a barista brewing a vanilla latte.  A cold October rain fell outside. A friend of mine grabbed the issue and began flipping through it. Knowing that I was a veteran, he said, “Hey, did you see this?” pointing to a news story that seemed more like an ad. It read in part:

“This Veterans Day, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Rihanna, Dave Grohl, and Metallica will be among numerous artists who will head to the National Mall in Washington D.C. on November 11th for ‘The Concert For Valor,’ an all-star event that will pay tribute to armed services.”

“Concert For Valor? That sounds like something the North Korean government would organize,” I said as I typed into my MacBook Pro looking for more information.

“The sucking sound from the espresso maker was drowning out a 10-year-old Shins song. As I read, my heart sank, my shoulders slumped…”

Continue reading: Stop thanking me for my service: via @Salon

VIDEO – Advice for those considering joining the military: via @YouTube

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