Worse than ISIS and Ebola: The Mexican Drug War

Seguridad - Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (c) 2013 A. J. MacDonald, Jr.)

Seguridad – Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (c) 2013 A. J. MacDonald, Jr.)

Worse than ISIS and Ebola: The Mexican Drug War

This is an excellent article written by John Haltiwanger, the Political Writer at Elite Daily:

The Mexican Drug War Has Killed More Americans Than ISIS Or Ebola Ever Could

“In recent weeks, much of America’s attention has been directed towards the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS or ISIL) and Ebola. ISIS shocked and enraged the world when it began broadcasting videos of the beheadings of American and British journalists. Likewise, the rapid spread of Ebola across West Africa and its eventual arrival in the US has sent a wave of panic across the nation.

“The truth is, however, that both of these are very regional threats. This is not to say that these issues should not be addressed, but that perhaps we aren’t keeping them in perspective. ISIS poses a much greater threat to Iraq and Syria than the United States, for example. Respectively, while a deadly Ebola outbreak is currently ravaging West Africa, it’s unlikely to spread across America.

“At the moment, however, another war is being waged both within the United States and the countries that neighbor it, primarily Mexico. We know this conflict as the War on Drugs, the most expensive failure in US history.

“It has been going on for decades, but escalated dramatically when the Mexican government, collaborating with the US, decided to take on Mexico’s drug cartels in 2006. This sparked the Mexican Drug War. The consequences of this decision have been devastating and brutally violent.

“This conflict has killed thousands of people while placing billions of dollars into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Furthermore, primarily through bribes, the cartels have gained a great deal of influence over the political system in Mexico. Simply put, this conflict has helped the people it was meant to defeat.

“We have been so easily distracted by novel and unfamiliar challenges, such as Ebola and ISIS. Consequently, we have forgotten to address something that’s occurring right under our noses. This conflict has been ineffective, drained US tax dollars and claimed American lives…”

Continue Reading: The Mexican Drug War Has Killed More Americans Than ISIS Or Ebola Ever Could: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/mexican-drug-war-kills-more-americans-than-isis-and-ebola/806049/

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5 Responses to Worse than ISIS and Ebola: The Mexican Drug War

  1. Narco Blogger Killings

    “BBC’s just released video, featuring Ioan Grillo, stems from the reported murder of Tamaulipas SDR Tweeter, Dr. Maria del Rosario Fuentes.

    “Maria was the 5th person killed, for her blogging of narco news and SDR (situations of Risk) reports.

    “#ReynosaFollow, was the first group to use twitter and other social media pages to send security information to citizens.

    “In the narco news blackout state of Tamaulipas, tweeting or posting information on network pages, was the only way to get warnings out in the state known for great violence.

    “The first two boggers killed, were a young couple, hanged off a pedestrian bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas…”

    Read more: Borderland Beat: Narco Blogger Killings http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2014/10/narco-blogger-deaths.html?spref=tw

  2. “Three Americans are dead in Mexico. Authorities are now questioning nine members of the Hercules Group, a newly formed elite security unit led by the mayor of Matamoros, Leticia Suarez. U.S. congressmen are calling for a thorough investigation…” Continue reading: Secretive Mexican police unit questioned over 3 murdered Americans | Fox News Latino http://fxn.ws/1q9rvSJ via @foxnewslatino

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