This confusion is of the devil


This confusion is of the devil

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.” ~ Jesus (Matthew 7:15-18)

False prophet Francis is a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing… a diseased tree that bears bad fruit.

Someone(s) in the Church need(s) to boot him out, along with his false prophet/false bishop buddies.

“The pope himself, if notoriously guilty of heresy, would cease to be pope because he would cease to be a member of the Church.” (Source: Catholic Encyclopedia: Heresy)

Julie, a Novus Ordo NeoCatholic blogger over at Connecticut Catholic Corner, is in complete denial regarding Francis. Like all NeoCatholics, she won’t allow anything to dissuade her from her erroneous belief that a pope is a pope no matter how notoriously heretical he may be. Julie mistakenly believes Francis is a valid Pope who — as she tells us — can be leading people into heresy and hell (?!) …

Holy Spirit thwarts Progressive Pope

“I completely trust the Holy Spirit to protect the Church.  Pope Francis cannot destroy Her or change Her, but Pope Francis [and other progressive clergy] CAN be the Piped Piper leading ignorant people into heresy and subsequently Hell.  That is what faithful devout orthodox Catholics have to fight against.  We have to help save people from misleading ‘off the cuff’ comments and bold heresy- even from our own clergy.” (emphasis added) source: Holy Spirit thwarts Progressive Pope)

Hmmm…. I thought the Holy Spirit led the pope and protected him from teaching error.

When it comes to Francis, it’s not the Holy Spirit but the devil who is leading him to lead others into heresy and (subsequently) hell.

Someone needs to tell Julie that “progressive” = “heretical” = “Francis is NOT a Catholic nor is he a valid pope”. (Actually I told her these things and she doesn’t agree with me.)

Archbishop Chaput ‘disturbed’ by Vatican synod debate, says ‘confusion is of the devil’

“NEW YORK (RNS) Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, a leading culture warrior in the U.S. hierarchy, says he was “very disturbed” by the debate over church teachings on gays and remarried Catholics at this month’s Vatican summit, saying it sent a confusing message and “confusion is of the devil…”

Read more: Archbishop Chaput ‘disturbed’ by Vatican synod debate, says ‘confusion is of the devil’ via @RNS

Pope Francis’ Machiavellian strategy to liberalize the Catholic Church

“Francis would like to liberalize church doctrine on marriage, the family, and homosexuality, but he knows that he lacks the support and institutional power to do it. So he’s decided on a course of stealth reform that involves sowing seeds of future doctrinal change by undermining the enforcement of doctrine today. The hope would be that a generation or two from now, the gap between official doctrine and the behavior that’s informally accepted in Catholic parishes across the world would grow so vast that a global grassroots movement in favor of liberalizing change would rise up at long last to sweep aside the old, musty, already-ignored rules…”

Read more: Pope Francis’ Machiavellian strategy to liberalize the Catholic Church via @TheWeek

Traditional Catholics teeter on the brink of sedevacantism

Traditional Catholics Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara, although close to the truth, continue to be in denial regarding heretic Francis. Michael Matt now says he is forced to hide statements made by Francis from his children (!) (see beginning at 19:50 in the video linked below). I pray they wake up to the truth: that Francis is not Catholic nor is he a valid pope…

VIDEO – The Remnant Forum: The Pope’s Synod: ROUND 1: via @YouTube


TR Media: Bishop Donald Sanborn: The SSPX, “Resistance,” and Sedevacantism…: via @YouTube


Oh, the Drama! The Synod is Over – For Now:



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4 Responses to This confusion is of the devil

  1. Season 3, Francis Watch, Episode 8: Bergoglio says: “God Does Not Exist” via @truerestoration

  2. Pope Francis agitates conservative U.S. Catholics

    “A senior American cardinal in the Vatican says that under this pope, the Roman Catholic Church is “a ship without a rudder” and the faithful “are feeling a bit seasick.”

    “Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput complains that a recent Vatican conference called by Pope Francis produced “confusion,” adding, “Confusion is of the devil.”

    “A group of conservative lay Catholics say they felt “betrayed” by a preliminary report from the conference that proposed a more welcoming attitude toward gay men and lesbians.

    “Turnabout is supposed to be fair play, but for these and other U.S. Catholic conservatives and traditionalists, the papacy of Francis also seems to be infuriating, worrying or just plain puzzling…”

    Read more: Pope Francis agitates conservative U.S. Catholics: via @thv11

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