Jeff C Meltdown: Hoaxes, False Flags, and Irrelevant Lunacy


© free radio revolution

© free radio revolution

Jeff C Meltdown: Hoaxes, False Flags, and Foolishness

An online friend of mine, YouTuber Jeff C of Free Radio Revolution, had a recent meltdown…. not unlike the recent meltdown of his online YouTuber friend Max Malone.

A few weeks ago, Max “Everything’s a Hoax” Malone called Jeff a liar and a shill for suggesting that everything is not a hoax. Jeff created a good video (one of his best, in my opinion) in which he explains the dangers of believing every event is a hoax staged by crisis actors…. and suggests people who are beginning to believe such foolishness (like Max) step away from the madness…. take a break from the negative news… begin focusing on life, the people in your life, and good vibrations… in order to regain balance and sanity.

VIDEO – Everything is a Hoax? Step away from Madness – Positive Vibrations! –

Well, Jeff recently began his own descent into the “Everything’s A Hoax” foolishness, which is actually a clever psyops, and he’s refused to listen to reason, even refusing to take his own advice from the video he made about this danger.

I continue to hope Jeff regains his balance and sanity, because he seems like a good, well meaning guy, who simply cares too much…. and, in this world today, caring too much can drive one insane, since there’s little we can do to change the big things in life, and in the news….. it’s better to do what we can to change our own little corner of the world, and, in the process, maintain our balance and our sanity.

As Michael Collins Piper explained in his recent book “False Flags” people like Jeff C have been duped into focusing on — and believing in — what amounts to irrelevant lunacy… and he has now marginalized himself into almost total irrelevancy because of this ridiculous “Crisis Actor Hoax” meme, which began after Sandy Hook:

Who “The Crisis Actors” REALLY Are: How Truth Seekers Were Manipulated into Ignoring Genuine “False Flag” Terrorism and Focusing Instead on Irrelevant Lunacy

The manipulation by the Crisis Management Conspirators of the events at Sandy Hook was, in retrospect, a quite logical response to the phenomenon of 9-11 truthseeking (much of it Internet-based) which, in turn, had its own antecedents in the search for the truth surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing and the JFK assassination so many years before.

In that sense, we might suggest, there was indeed a secret connection, so to speak, between 9-11 and Sandy Hook—but it’s one that even the most fervent believers in the “big” story of Sandy Hook never realized, precisely because of the fact they had found themselves (most of them, to this day, unknowingly) caught in the web of disinformation being spun by the high-level Crisis Management Conspirators.

And one of the biggest cons of all perpetrated upon the legitimate truth seekers was the legend of “The Crisis Actors”—mentioned earlier—that came to be an article of faith surrounding Sandy Hook and later again, even more so, following the events at the Boston Marathon.

And as we’ve already noted (perhaps all too often) in the wake of Sandy Hook many people actually believed that there hadn’t even been any gunplay at all—that no children and no adults were shot that day, that it was all a big staged event, with the purported victims and their families (along with law enforcement) in on the deal.

This is where the now much-discussed topic of “The Crisis Actors” was brought into play. And, in many respects, it may have been one of the most ingenious scams ever pawned off on American patriots designed to misdirect their attention.

It was right out of Cass Sunstein’s playbook.

During the wake of Sandy Hook, people got so distracted talking about the Crisis Actors and the claim that “Lanza was dead the day before the shooting which really didn’t happen and in which no kids were really killed,” that, in many cases, they didn’t do what they should have done: Lobby forcefully against the gun control measures that were being crafted as a consequence of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

Many patriots became genuinely convinced that by talking about “The Crisis Actors” that they were winning the day and convincing people of the dangers of gun control when, in fact, they were actually misdirecting good people and, for all intents and purposes, discrediting honest Americans who were opposed to gun control.

As a result of the widespread distribution of claims that Sandy Hook was a big fraud being perpetrated by “Crisis Actors” many Americans concluded that the opponents of gun control were trouble-makers, wild- eyed conspiracy theorists and just generally to be dismissed.

That, ultimately, was the aim of the Crisis Management Conspirators. 

Their introduction of the concept of “Crisis Actors” into the debate was part and parcel of the very real conspiracy—first outlined by Cass Sunstein—to discredit conspiracy theories in general.

And all of this undoubtedly did immense damage to the reputation of many good patriots who opposed gun control and who were led into the trap of focusing on the Crisis Actor legend rather than on the very real and important issue at hand… (False Flags, pp. 306-307)

Read more: “False Flags”: 

Although I considered Jeff to have been fully psyoped after he fell for the “Boston Bombing was a Crisis Actor Hoax” meme, Jeff really began his full blown meltdown after the UCSB shooting… and he’s been on a fast-paced downhill slide into “irrelevant lunacy” ever since.

Everything’s a hoax to Jeff, because his mind is made up ahead of time and, like his buddy Max says, there’s no need to do research… because everything’s a hoax… and because the only thing YouTubers “research” are CIA mainstream media news reports.

So much for critical thinking.

I told Jeff I didn’t need to subscribe to his channel anymore because I already knew what he is going to say: “Everything’s a Hoax – 100% Confirmed!” which is pathetic.

I’ve tried to reason with Jeff…. I’ve tried to explain to him how media-based epistemology works… how he can be a critical thinker…. but, rather than think, and learn, he calls me a liar and a shill because I don’t agree with him, which is sad.

I hope Jeff will step away from the madness…. I hope he can find a balance…. I hope he will realize the error of his ways. I’m afraid it’s too late for him to salvage his reputation as a “researcher”.

Nothing alienates and isolates people like mocking those who have have lost children…. and that’s exactly what Jeff C and the other Crisis Actor Hoax meme dupes have done: alienated themselves from normal society. They have gone beyond the pale.

What a very small group they have now become… a very small group who makes fun of people by creating videos mocking virtually every parent in the news whose child has been said to have died in some shooting event.

I have my doubts about the reality of Sandy Hook, but I’ve never mocked the parents who may have lost their kids.

Because they aren’t thinking (= reasoning) properly, Jeff C and many others are, as of late, mocking those who have lost loved ones in virtually every shooting event…. and that, to me — along with failing to listen to reason and name-calling those who are trying to help — equals total meltdown.

It saddens me to see Jeff C taking the wrong road… and failing to do the critical thinking and research necessary to escape the influence of the clever psyops he is under, which Michael Collins Piper has explained.

I hope Jeff can maintain his sanity. He’s very frustrated, angry, paranoid, and has an overinflated opinion of himself, none of which bodes well for his future. Like many so-called YouTubers…. Jeff C doesn’t seem to do much reading… or research. If it’s not on video I guess it doesn’t exist?

Jeff is so confused now he doesn’t seem to be able to make the distinction between a hoax and a false flag… and, since Jeff now sees everything as a hoax, I guess that’s understandable…. but to normal people who don’t see the world his way, it’s just foolishness and lunacy.

Jeff’s unfortunately ended up becoming a two bit Max Malone or Ed Chiarini.

I still subscribe to Jeff C… but only because watching his videos now is like watching a horrible accident… I can’t look away… I’m fixated on his implosion… and he gets worse every day.

As you can see, below, I sent him a link to his own video, hoping he would take his own advice, and he cussed me out.

Wow Jeff… and you expect people to take you seriously? Why? You’re only making a fool of yourself bro. 😦




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5 Responses to Jeff C Meltdown: Hoaxes, False Flags, and Irrelevant Lunacy

  1. apollonian says:

    AJ: do u still push the Jew holohoax?

  2. Dave Reid says:

    the moncton shooting and the santa barbara shooting are obvious false flags and only a fool wouldn’t see it.

  3. matty says:

    Jeff was saying the crashed asia plane was real when it was a hoax wtf are u on about?

    • Jeff used to be reasonable but then he started saying everything was a hoax. He had a good video about Max Malone and how Max had gone off the deep end saying everything is a hoax… then Jeff deleted the video and started saying everything is a hoax like Max was. I finally quit watching Jeff’s videos because I already know what he’s going to say about every news event: everything’s a hoax.

  4. sandydunkan says:

    I look forward to more shills losing it.

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