No tolerance for truth tellers…

Anti-truth hater becomes violent

Anti-truth hater becomes violent

No tolerance for truth tellers…

There’s no tolerance for truth tellers. Especially when they counter the latest politically correct satanic social engineering program with biblical truth…

VIDEO – Slushie thrown on anti-gay demonstrator:



VIDEO – More about the slushie thrown on anti-gay demonstrator:



VIDEO – Raw: Slushie thrown on anti-gay demonstrator:



VIDEO – Grandville PD investigates slushie-throwing:


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3 Responses to No tolerance for truth tellers…

  1. When people live their lives for pleasure and I say pleasure because gay rights is only people trying to get social acceptance for living a lifestyle that benefits nothing in the natural world except the feeling of pleasure. Any way when the people that live this lifestyle of carnal pleasure as one of their most important things in life, they feel the emptiness that pleasure always brings about when consumed in excess and anger is a normal response to any reminder that the pleasure of ones body is not such a necessary and important thing in life.

    • apollonian says:

      Indeed Robert: homos are just narcissist addicts of sense-gratification who also like to pretend they’re progressive and persecuted–this, esp., by Christian “straights.” And when their basic narcissism and anti-intellectual sense-gratification addiction is pt’d-out, they resent that their superficiality and emptiness is exposed.

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