Max Malone Meltdown

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Max Malone Meltdown

I subscribed to the YouTube channel belonging to Max Malone, until the Boston Bombing and he (immediately) began saying it was a hoax. 

The bombing didn’t (and doesn’t) appear to be a hoax to me, and I knew then and there Max Malone was putting forward the “crisis actor hoax” meme for a reason, and that he was (and is) probably working for the enemy.

But after his recent meltdown — wherein he exposed himself as a fraud to his friends and followers — Max Malone is probably out of the “YouTube hoax meme” business, such as it is.

I hope the followers of Max Malone will now realize they were duped regarding the Boston Bombing. That would be great for the “Truth Movement”, such as it is.

Jeff C of Free Radio Revolution on the Max Malone Meltdown:

VIDEO – Everything is a Hoax? Step away from Madness – Positive Vibrations! – 

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2 Responses to Max Malone Meltdown

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  2. The King says:

    You are the biggest piece of shit liar out there. What a dumb article with zero substance.

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