Michael Voris on Hell


I’m not a huge fan of Michael Voris, but his recent clarifications on Hell were very good:

Michael Voris on Hell

“It’s often said that we can hope Hell is empty. But can we? In this episode of Dispatches, Michael Voris goes through scripture, tradition and history to see what the Church REALLY says about hell and its population.”

VIDEO – Time for Clarity – http://youtu.be/x2iHnzPNNSU 

VIDEO – Modern Heresies Misunderstood – http://youtu.be/LpC4m3bvJHc 

VIDEO – Mic’d Up “Depart from Me Accursed into Everlasting Fire!” – http://youtu.be/Xex8K77pw3g 

VIDEO – Massa Damnata – http://youtu.be/55_bfCkZY1I 


Dispatches: “Massa Damnata” (Resources for this video) – http://www.churchmilitant.tv/dispatches/emptyhell/ 

The Inflated Reputation of Hans Urs von Balthasar

“Balthasar, in Dare We Hope “That All Men Be Saved”? claimed there was no certainty that anyone is in Hell or ever will be in Hell. He stated that “the Church … has never said anything about the damnation of any individual. Not even about that of Judas.” Thus, he declared, every Christian has the “obligation” to hope that all men are saved, including Judas…”

Read more: The Inflated Reputation of Hans Urs von Balthasar – http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?id=3344&CFID=45496068&CFTOKEN=85533867 

VIDEO – They Don’t Understand Hell, Because They Don’t Know God’s Love w/ Fr. Regis Scanlon – http://youtu.be/1aRelB9tN4g 


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