Exploding & Exposing the Professor James Tracy Fraud

Professor James Tracy

Professor James Tracy

Exploding & Exposing the Professor James Tracy Fraud

Like most Sandy Hook “Truthers”, I thought Professor James Tracy did a great job exposing the Sandy Hook Hoax. Of course, at the time of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I didn’t think it was a hoax.

It wasn’t until people like Tracy (on CNN) and others (on YouTube) began pointing out all the inconsistencies in the official story — and the lack of photo and video evidence to substantiate it — that I began to see their point, and began thinking the event was staged.

Professor James Tracy was at the forefront of this Sandy Hoax Meme, and was, in fact, the principle Sandy Hoax Meme Generator.

It wasn’t until the Boston Bombing, which doesn’t appear staged (as Tracy says it was) because there’s a plethora of photo and video evidence to substantiate its reality, that I began to see Professor James Tracy’s Hoax Meme as problematic, counterproductive, and (in this case) fraudulent.

Professor Tracy is too smart to make the ridiculous statements he has made regarding the Boston Bombing.

And his followers, already indoctrinated in the Hoax Meme, and with complete faith in Professor Tracy, are such true believers in the Boston Bombing Hoax, which Tracy was at the forefront of generating, that they’re unable to detect Tracy’s ridiculous and absurd statements, such as his “benign explosion” and “bomb simulator” assertions.

Would you want to be standing next to this explosion? I wouldn't.

Would you want to be standing next to this explosion? I wouldn’t.

Professor James Tracy’s Bomb Simulators Generate Benign Explosions

Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed

“The purported “bombs” in fact consisted of mortars and flammable powder that generate a more-or-less benign explosion devoid of any shrapnel, a hypothesis that conforms with the absence of shrapnel at each bombing scene…” ~ James Tracy

Read more: Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed –http://memoryholeblog.com/2014/01/16/video-boston-marathon-bomb-simulators-exposed/

VIDEO – Boston Marathon explosion footage – http://youtu.be/QyRJYm4zgeE




Watch the videos above. Do you see (and hear) more-or-less benign explosions produced by bomb simulators in these videos, as Professor Tracy asserts?

I don’t.

Would YOU want to be standing next to Professor Tracy’s “benign explosions”?

I wouldn’t.

Would YOU want to be standing next to Professor Tracy’s “bomb simulators”?

I wouldn’t.

Would you call these “bombs simulators” as Tracy does? Meaning: not real bombs?

What is a bomb? What is a “bomb simulator”? What is “a more-or-less benign explosion”?

If the bombs and explosions seen in these videos aren’t bombs and explosions, then I don’t know what would be.

Maybe we should build duplicate “bombs” like the ones in these videos and ask Professor Tracy to stand next to them — since they’re only benign flammable powder “bombs” — in order to prove his point?

Do you think he would do it?

I don’t.

Why is Tracy asserting this nonsense?

Enquiring minds (who aren’t invited to be on CNN and Infowars) want to know.

When it comes to bombs and explosions, size matters.

The bombs in these videos are big enough to qualify as bombs, and the explosions are big enough to maim and to kill, which, in fact, they did.

The US military does have bomb simulators, which can maim and kill, when they’re large enough to do so. And they’re not as large as the explosions see in these videos.

There’s no such thing as “a more-or-less benign explosion” — all explosions are dangerous — and Tracy, here, is equivocating on the term “explosion” wanting to have his “explosions” but wanting to have his “bomb simulators” too.

Tracy knows this.

I know this.

Why don’t all the people who think the Boston Bombing was a hoax not know this?

Because they aren’t thinking.

Stop listening to and believing Professor James Tracy.

Stop looking for and believing in heroes.

Tracy is pushing lies and falsehoods. Tracy is the premier Hoax Meme Generator.

No hero is coming to save us. We’re going to have to save ourselves.

Please read my other articles on this subject and please help me to encourage Professor James Tracy to debate the Boston Bombing Hoax subject with me.

Help me to explode and expose the James Tracy Fraud.

I am 100% confident he will lose.

Surely, if Tracy is correct, he won’t be afraid to debate the issue. Right?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.40.42 PM

Other articles I’ve written on the Boston Bombing

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Deal with these “Top Ten Reasons” in a debate with me Professor Tracy, on a philosophical, epistemological, and phenomenological level:

Top Ten Reasons the Boston Bombing was NOT an Elaborate Hoax

1. Photo and video evidence present the bombings as real events

2. Photo and video evidence present the frantic effort to save lives and to remove victims to hospitals

3. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes as chaotic and bloody.

4. Photo and video evidence come from many sources

5. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes before, during, and after the bombings

6. Photo and video evidence present the bombings as capable of causing deaths and serious injuries

7. Photo and video evidence present real victims with real injuries

8. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes in minute detail

9. Photo and video evidence present hundreds of people evacuating the bombing scenes

10. Photo and video evidence present bombing scenes that could not have been staged during and immediately after the explosions

Would you want to be standing next to this explosion? I wouldn't.

Would you want to be standing next to this explosion? I wouldn’t.

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11 Responses to Exploding & Exposing the Professor James Tracy Fraud

  1. apollonian says:

    AJ: I don’t like Tracy, he’s scummy, half-baked, weakling, partial to ZOG, working for ZOG edjumacation and thought-control, as matter of simple fact, and he welcomes similarly scummy little ZOGlings to swarm, comment, and shill on his limited-hangout blog–this is aside fm some others on his blog who are genuinely honest & fact-oriented.

    Still AJ, I gotta take some specific issue w. u on ur expo for the Boston event–don’t forget, in first place, THEY ANNOUNCED BEFOREHAND that there was gonna be a drill, and this was widely reported. I won’t bother w. references for this announced drill, though there ought to be some easily found just by googling.

    Next, there’s INDUCTIVE LOGIC: when u have all these prior fakes and frauds by ZOG, like Sandy Hook and 9/11, among the many others, there’s good presumptive grounds to consider such as Boston event to being fake too–unless there’s distinct evidence to prove it was real–and this evidence is not there.

    Let’s just go down ur list of “Ten Reasons….” (1) There’s photo and vid evidence?–what is it?–can u give the citations and URLs?–I don’t think so. (2) Same goes for the rest of ur reasons, and how do u know it wasn’t just acting for the “frantic effort to save lives…”? (3) Same goes for “chaotic and bloody”–and I believe the “blood” was already found to be fake (according to Prof. Fetzer, I believe), though I don’t have citation for this right off, but there’s probably something to be found by googling. (4) “Many sources” is meaningless as ZOG has nearly infinite funds fm the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam to produce this, paying-off many experienced and technically competent agents, as is well-known–like the entire mass-corp. “news”-media. (5) U should give some citations and URLs for this “evidence.” (6) Same w. “capable of deaths and injuries”–all u do is assert. (7) “Real victims w. real injuries”?–I don’t know of any, and again, u give no citations–very poor scholarship on ur part, just multiple, repeated assertions w. no substantiation. (8) “Minute detail”?–perhaps, but question is whether it’s real–which u don’t prove (and u are the one who MUST prove, don’t forget). (9) Yes, there’s lots of video showing what are surely actors making a big fuss. (10) “Scenes that could not have been staged”?–tell us HOW u know this–isn’t that what “crisis actors” do?–and why could they “not have been staged”?–u don’t say or explain, just asserting, as usual.

    So AJ, this is no less than the THIRD or even fourth time u assert about the Boston event, w. absolutely no substantiation, there’s genuine evidence for truth of Bost. bombing and u’ve NEVER proven it or even bothered to give any evidence, this after I know I, personally, challenged u to do so at least twice–u just ignored these challenges. U seem to be someone who’s easily fooled, and I wonder why–are u anti-Muslim?–eager to place blame on the Jews’ enemies? And u don’t indicate the culprits–are u going along w. ZOG’s lies about the Tsarnaev bro.s?–who are known and proven agents, patsies, and dupes of CIA?

    So I consider u’ve pretty much lost round one here, ur assertions shown-up to be utterly empty; maybe u can come-back for round two, but this time u have to give some solid, verifiable evidence.

  2. apollonian says:

    Here’s the latest tid-bit: the Gov.’s story is full of holes and lies

  3. apollonian says:

    Here’s good analysis and summation of the Bost. bombing fraud: http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/boston-bombing-web-lies/

  4. apollonian says:

    Here’s yet another smashing, striking de-bunking vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03UMewFYD6w

    • apollonian says:

      AJ MacDonald REFUSES To Make Good-Faith Effort For Proper Exposition

      So this guy speaks for u, eh, AJ?–ho ho ho ho ho. And so now, u (continue to) refuse to actually make a case of ur own, eh?–u’re just going to post vids, ho ho ho ho ho ho–and that’s ur case, all these brainless vids, ho ho ho oho ho.

      We’re supposed to do UR WORK and generate a case in favor of ur thesis, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho.

      Already, at 2:45 the narrator of ur vid makes numerous assertions which are NOT proven–about injuries. He also gives a written list visible in the vid about EMTs “not being fooled,” not considering they’re part of the scam, and that the phony “media,” available at the place, working for the frauds, wouldn’t “report” any non-cooperating EMTs anyway, ho ho ho ho ho. U’re a genius, AJ.

      At 3 mins he gives us an idiot anecdote about his “friend in Sydney,” blah, blah, blah–and there’s 13 more mins of this stupidity to be endured, u, AJ, imagining that sheer quantity of stupid crap is going to magically turn into actual facts and logic pertinent to ur hoped-for thesis and demonstration thereof, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. This (manner of expo) is pathetic. U CAN’T EVEN MAKE AN ARGUMENT beyond assertions. U apparently cannot figure-out how to lay-down facts leading then to a conclusion which supports a thesis.

      See AJ: I’m not gonna put-up w. any more of this stupidity, buddy–the vid sucks, and it LOSES UR CASE–3 minutes was enough to grasp the blatant stupidity of the vid’s “method”–which u endorse.

      U have the greatest difficulty understanding how a thesis is proven, evidently. Vids must only be minor part of the exposition, vids only presenting sensory components for facts fully grasped–u don’t even comprehend this.

      So pitiful is ur grasp of logical exposition, U EVEN LET THE MORON NARRATOR OF THE VID make ur case, u not even capable of writing it down urself, thus saving people minutes of time listening to the idiot babbling in the vid (as I note, above, w. his moronic assertions).

      AJ: u’ve been given chance after chance after chance to make a case, and u’ve proven–PROVEN–u don’t have even the slightest idea as to HOW to make a case, of any sort, much less about Bost. bombing. I have pity for u, buddy–no wonder, the only thing u can do is get mad and tell folks, “well, just don’t come to my site and look at my mysterious material which works in wondrous, miraculous ways–it’s all ur fault if u can’t agree w. me,” ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hoo.

      • I’ve written numerous articles on this. I’ve challenged Tracy and Fetzer to debate their position. Tracy won’t speak to me and blocked me from posting on his blog. Fetzer has yet to respond to Dave from AFP who told me he would be happy to moderate and air the debate. The Boston Bombing was a real bombing, and no one can be taken seriously who says it was a staged “crisis actor” production.

      • apollonian says:

        AJ: this blog–UR OWN BLOG–demonstrates u (a) have no case, (b) aren’t even capable of making a case. U’re a joke. All u do and show any capability of is posting vids, imagining these vids make ur case. This last vid u posted is a joke–and I HOPE u’re not as dumb as the idiot who made the vid.

        Why should Fetzer, who’s pretty busy, don’t forget, waste time w. u when u can’t even make a case ON UR OWN SITE. Like I say, u’re just a joke.

  5. apollonian says:


    Jack Baker goes over the Bost. bombing and latest report.

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