Is Alien Life Out There? The Vatican Thinks So…

Alien Pope

Alien Pope

Is Alien Life Out There? The Vatican Thinks So…

E. T. and Christianity

“The Vatican recently announced that it will study the implications for Christian theology should extraterrestrial life ever be discovered to exist; something many people have wondered about for quite some time now.

“Copernicus’ heliocentric theory of the universe gave rise to the belief that thousands of planets like earth existed throughout the universe. Atomism, an ancient philosophical system of thought, fitted perfectly with the new, Copernican heliocentric theory of the universe. The atomists believed (philosophically) that only matter (atoms) and the void (space) existed. All physical objects were thought to be made up of atoms existing in the infinite void of space. This ancient philosophy, which had been lost and forgotten by the West, was rediscovered (found in the works of the atomists Epicurus and Lucretius) during the Renaissance, and it inspired some thinkers (e.g., Giordano Bruno) to recognize its relevance to the new Copernican heliocentric paradigm. As Thomas Kuhn explains:

“Since Copernicanism also destroyed the earth’s uniqueness, abolished the terrestrial-celestial distinction, and suggested the infinity of the universe, the atomists’ infinite void provided a natural home for Copernicus’ solar system, or rather, for many solar systems…atomism proved the most effective and far-reaching of the several intellectual currents which, during the seventeenth century, transformed the finite Copernican cosmos into an infinite and multipopulated universe.” (Thomas Kuhn, The Copernican Revolution, MJF Books, New York, 1957, 1985; p. 237)

“This infinite universe, thought to be populated with innumerable habitable worlds—the earth being only one, small, speck of a planet existing in the vast emptiness of space—is the modern scientific view of the universe we have today. With this outlook, it’s only reasonable to conclude that we are not alone in the universe. To date, however, this atomistic hypothesis has not been proven. In fact, some astronomers and astrobiologists no longer believe that it’s even a reasonable (or rational) scientific hypothesis at all…”

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UFO alien as religious figureDemons in Alien’s Clothing

“As we enter the 21st century and a new millennium, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase – a New Age. The push for “global enlightenment” has now extended to the vast reaches of the universe, into what could be deemed as a “space” religion. However, once this nebulous veil is lifted, a definite correlation emerges between the UFO/Alien phenomenon and occultic/satanic activity…”

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AUDIO – Disclose.tvUFO’s & Aliens are Demonic Spiritual Entities

Is Alien Life Out There? Vatican Observatory Co-Hosts Science Conference in Arizona 

By Megan Gannon, March 16, 2014

“Are we alone in the universe? The ultimate question of life beyond Earth and the solar system takes center stage in a science conference led by the Vatican Observatory and the University of Arizona this week.

“Nearly 200 scientists are attending the conference, called “The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System: Exoplanets, Biosignature & Instruments,” which runs from March 16 through 21 in Tucson, Ariz. The Vatican Observatory is co-hosting the conference with the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory.

“Finding life beyond Earth is one of the great challenges of modern science and we are excited to have the world leaders in this field together in Tucson,” said event co-chair Daniel Apai, assistant professor of astronomy and planetary sciences at the UA Steward Observatory, in a statement. “But reaching such an ambitious goal takes planning and time. The goal of this meeting is to discuss how we can find life among the stars within the next two decades.” [9 Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life]

VIDEO – The Search for Another Earth –

“Rev. Paul Gabor of the Vatican Observatory, the conference’s other co-chair, added that scientists will give more than 160 research presentations during this week’s conference.

“According to the organizers, the conference will cover the technical challenges of finding and imaging exoplanets and identifying biosignatures in the atmospheres of far-flung worlds. Other presentations will discuss the study of life forms that live in extreme environments on Earth, which could be apt analogs for life on other planets.

“The conference is not open to the public, but NASA’s Astrobiology Institute will broadcast a live feed of the sessions. You can learn more about the conference via its website:

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“Yesterday Pope Francis celebrated his first Easter Mass as the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. In his first “Urbi et Orbi” speech – Latin for “to the city [of Rome] and the world” – he called for peace in the Middle East; an end to human trafficking and greed; preventing the exploitation of natural resources; and protecting animals by becoming “responsible guardians of creation.” The Pope normally gives two Urbi et Orbi speeches each year where he deals with major challenges faced by the world and Christendom. In a future speech it has been predicted that he will discuss a unique challenge that the world faces according to the authors of a new book. In Exovaticana, Chris Putnam and Tom Horn predict that the new Pope, Francis, will soon announce the existence of extraterrestrial life, among whom an alien savior will emerge to reinvigorate Christian teachings!

“Putnam and Horn, successfully predicted in their last book, the best-selling Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, that Pope Benedict would resign rather than die in office. They based their prediction on St Malachy’s, Prophecy of the Popes. According to Putnam and Horn, Francis is the final Pope, “Petrus Romanus”, who will oversee the dissolution of the Catholic Church as predicted in St Malachy’s prophecy, by announcing an extraterrestrial savior…”



AUDIO – Red Ice Radio – Tom Horn – Hour 1 – Papal Resignation, Petrus Romanus & Exo Vaticana: via @YouTube

Looking for GOD and ALIENS

Father Coyne, a scientist and Jesuit priest, contemplates God, telescopes, mirrors, and extraterrestrial life.

by Margaret Wertheim

“For close to a quarter century, Father George Coyne has been director and senior scientist at the Vatican Observatory Research Group, a small but intensive unit of cosmologists and astronomers funded by the Holy See. A wiry and energetic man who entered into Jesuit training at the age of eighteen, Coyne is the son of a working-class family from Baltimore and is still slightly dazzled to find himself at the epicenter of Catholic life. In looking to the stars, Coyne sees his life as a natural outgrowth of what Ignatius of Loyola, the Jesuit’s founder, famously called “our way of proceeding.” Ignatius stressed that a central aspect of Jesuit life was the concept of “ministry,” or service to the wider community. For the original Jesuits of the sixteenth century that meant tending the poor and the sick; for Coyne and his Vatican colleagues, their ministry is astronomy.

“The Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) is officially headquartered at Castel Gandolfo, a fortified castle perched on the rim of an extinct volcano an hour outside Rome. Formerly owned by the Medici, the castle now serves as the Pope’s summer palace and the VORG’s spiritual home. Last summer, I made the trip to Coyne’s second home, in Tucson, Arizona. There, light years away from Roman opulence, the VORG conducts its research from a small suite of offices at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory. Rome and Tucson, Catholicism and cosmology-Coyne moves effortlessly between the two worlds, insisting that “nothing we learn about the universe through science threatens our faith. It only enriches it.”

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Why is the Vatican Interested in the Search for Life in the Universe?

“It was good to hear scientists and religious thinkers serenely discussing such large questions, totally content that the truth would, indeed, make us more free. In a break in the proceedings, I asked Father Funes whether he thought that, if there was extra-terrestrial intelligent life, there might have been more than one incarnation? He hesitated to affirm that, noting that the coming together of the Second Person of the Trinity with an earthly body was a once and unrepeatable action. I came away pondering his answer but also wondering why—if there are other forms of extraterrestrial intelligent life, perhaps, given the longer time span of some of the other habitable planets, more intelligent and evolved than we—why only earthly humans would have been privileged with an incarnation? I also wondered about how we might think of sin in other planetary intelligent beings where, perhaps, there was no “original sin” from Adam! Perhaps all theology should humbly begin with the premise that we do inhabit a vast universe whose contours we yet barely know. Stoeger pointed us toward a new book by Thomas O’Meara O.P., Vast Universe: Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation (Liturgical Press, 2012) to further pursue the theological implications raised by the newly formed science of astrobiology.”

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Alien Pope

Alien Pope

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4 Responses to Is Alien Life Out There? The Vatican Thinks So…

  1. Pope Francis says baptism is for everyone, even Martians

    “Pope Francis on Monday declared that everyone has the right to be baptised, even aliens should they come knocking on the church’s door.

    “Christians cannot “close the door” to all those who seek baptism even if they are “green men, with a long nose and big ears, like children draw,” the pope said at his daily mass, according to Vatican Radio.

    “If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives and some of them come to us… and if one of them says: ‘Me, I want to be baptised!’, what would happen?” Francis said in another display of his lively sense of humour.

    Read more: Pope Francis says baptism is for everyone, even Martians via @YahooNews #Demons

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